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2016-12-29 By Admin

old bicycles What can you do with old bicycles after Christmas? Well, that really depends on their condition and your particular situation. Much like disposing of an old barbecue grill, getting rid of old bicycles can pose a big challenge. It's not because they are unsafe, like appliances which contain ... [Read more...]

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2016-12-22 By Admin

old bbq grill Before you dispose of an old BBQ grill, think about reviving it for continued use. You can disassemble it with a few common hand tools, then simply purchase replacement parts. You'll need a new cooking grate, rock gate, igniter, and burner assembly. The whole process will take a few hours, about... [Read more...]

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2016-12-15 By Admin

Christmas house clutter It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas and that means your house will soon be overrun with clutter. Wrapping paper, bows, boxes, food, decor, and so much more will take up a lot of space. But you don't have to suffer from Christmas house clutter this holiday season. You can take control... [Read more...]

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2016-12-01 By Admin

old fitness equipment There are things to do with old fitness equipment, if you have unwanted items in your home or elsewhere. In some cases, fitness equipment goes out-of-style or is found to be ineffective. While the former might be okay to sell, donate, or give away, the latter could be deemed unsafe and/or unwanted. ... [Read more...]

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2016-11-23 By Admin

commercial appliances There are a few things to do with commercial appliances when it comes time to either replace them, sell a business, or close down permanently. One solution is commercial appliance removal, particularly if you don't have the time or resources to sell it. For non-working commercial appliances, the... [Read more...]

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2016-11-17 By Admin

hoarding cleanout If you're trying to decide why to hire a property cleanout service, specifically when it comes to a hoarding clean out, you likely have questions. One concern will be privacy, another expense, and of course, you'll certainly think about going the do it yourself route. But a hoarding cleanup ... [Read more...]

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2016-11-10 By Admin

property cleanout service You’ve just purchased a foreclosure or a rundown home that’s filled with junk from the previous residents. Now, you're left to deal with all of it, and are wrestling with the decision to go the do-it-yourself route or hire a professional property clean out service. It's a tough ... [Read more...]

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2016-11-03 By Admin

home downsizing Home downsizing is part art, part science. It takes a lot of willpower to pull off in the earliest stages but gets considerably easier and even joyful as you progress. There are different ways to reduce household junk but it takes more sticktoitiveness when embarking on a home downsizing cleanout. ... [Read more...]

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2016-10-27 By Admin

reduce household junk To reduce household junk you need to be serious about your mission. It's that simple. The reason all that stuff is piled up and continues to grow is because you continually contribute to the problem. This is why you don't enjoy any great detached garages uses or have little to no room ... [Read more...]

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2016-10-20 By Admin

detached garage uses There are some creative, great detached garage uses most homeowners could benefit from but never think to try. We think of the garage as a dedicated space to park our vehicles but it's also prime space for other uses. If you've gone through the property clean out versus dumpster rental ... [Read more...]

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