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Old and Broken Hot Tub

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Pro Junk Dispath is a junk removal service that provides hot tub, jacuzzi or spa removal.

Our team has the best and experienced hot tub removal crew in your neighborhood. Whether it’s a spa removal or jacuzzi removal, call it what you like, after years of not using it your unit becomes an eyesore. Having a hot tub at home is such a treat and a great way to relax, heal or warm up in the winter, but unfortunately they are a burden to fix when it gets broken. So call our Pro Junk Dispatch junk removal crew to meet you, work out a price and dismatle and remove that unused and large jacuzzi in your backyard or lanai. Of course you plan to replace the broken parts or upgrade to a new hot tub, but instead it has sat around for years and now it just looks like junk. Don’t stress about what you will do with your old spa, just call the Pro Junk Dispatch spa removal crew to take care of it for you! Let us come by, give you a solid price before we start. If you agree, we remove your spa right away. We have all the necessary equipment to safely dismantle and haul away jacuzzis and other appliances from your inside or outside your home or office. No matter where your old hot tub is, don’t lift a hand. Hot tubs weight from 400 to 800 lbs. Just call us and we will remove it and clean the mess like it was never there.

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Old and Broken Hot Tub

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