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What to do with a vacant lot you own that just won't stay VACANT!

By Sean R

How to deal with an overloaded dumpster

Dealing with illegal dumping on your vacant lot can be frustrating. Don’t lose hope though,there are several measures you can take to deter this activity, some you might not have even considered:

  • Fencing: Erect a sturdy fence around the perimeter of your property. This serves as a physical barrier to entry and makes it more difficult for illegal dumping to occurr
  • Signage: Post clear signs that state "No Trespassing" and "No Dumping". Include warnings about fines and prosecution for illegal dumping. Make sure the signs are highly visible and placed at all potential entry points.
  • Lighting: Install motion-activated lights which can deter dumpers who often operate under cover of darkness.
  • Surveillance: Consider setting up security cameras that can record evidence of illegal activity. Make sure they are visible as they can act as a deterrent, but also ensure they are high enough to avoid vandalism.
  • Regular Inspections: Visit your lot regularly or hire a service to do so. Frequent activity on the lot can discourage dumpers.
  • Waste Removal: Promptly remove any waste that is dumped on the lot. The presence of rubbish can attract more rubbish.
  • Community Engagement: Inform the surrounding community about the issue. Engaged neighbors can help monitor the lot and report any illegal activities to you or the authorities.
  • Beautification: If possible, beautify the lot with plants or art. A well-maintained area is less attractive for dumpers and can foster community respect.
  • Temporary Use: Consider allowing the lot to be used for community purposes, like a community garden or parking for local events (if applicable). Active use can prevent neglect
  • Local Law Enforcement: Report any illegal dumping to local law enforcement or public works departments. They can increase patrols or offer additional solutions.
  • Waste Services: In some areas, you can register your lot with the city's waste management service for regular cleaning and waste removal.
  • Development: If you have long-term plans for the lot, consider starting development, even if it’s just the early stages, to establish the lot as an active construction site, which is less likely to be a target for dumping.
  • Barrier Plants: Planting thorny or dense shrubbery can act as a natural barrier.

The Benefits of Professional Construction Debris Removal

By implementing these strategies, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of illegal dumping on your property. It's also a good idea to stay informed about local ordinances and programs that may assist property owners in dealing with such issues. Trash begets more trash, so if you need someone to help keep it off your property on a regular basis, give Pro Junk Dispatch a call.