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Storm Debris Cleanup

Storm debris cleanup isn’t only messy, it’s also generally dangerous. When a storm strikes, the inclement weather elements do a lot of damage and what’s left in its wake is all kinds of debris, usually accompanied by one or more safety hazards. That’s why it’s important to leave storm debris cleanup to a professional service provider familiar with this type of work. At Pro Junk Dispatch, we’ve dealt with all sorts and sizes of storm debris cleanup. Most recently, Hurricane Matthew left a trail of destruction and we helped many families and businesses with the hard work of our storm debris cleanup team. This type of work not only requires a number of crew members, it also requires the right tools and equipment. We deliver on all of these resources and it’s why we get real results.


Commercial Services

We offer a variety of commercial hauling, dismantling and removal services to our residential and business customers, property managers, estate clean-outs and construction crews across the United States.


Property Services

There is no a property clean out job too big or too small, no matter what! From cleaning up a hoarders amount of junk to your dusty attic, we are at your service.


Home Services

No matter what kind of junk you want to get rid of from your home, apartment, or property, our residential junk removal & hauling crew will do it at a price you can afford.

Business Services

Don’t waste valuable work time or the company budget on junk. Team up with Pro Junk Dispatch. We provide a variety of junk removal services to our commercial customers, offices and business partners across the United States.


About Storm Debris Cleanup

The most critical component that sets storm debris cleanup apart from similar jobs is the sheer disorganization. It’s generally a chaotic scene but that’s okay because we’ve dealt with these situations many times before and can help you out in the same way. It usually doesn’t matter the type of storm but who you bring in for storm debris cleanup matters and it matters a lot. Don’t let rock bottom estimates fool you. We have the experience and the equipment to deliver, when and where you need us.

Other Junk Removal and Haul Away Services Offered

In addition to storm debris cleanup, we also offer a number of helpful services, like the following:

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If you need a professional and reliable storm debris cleanup service, just phone 800-433-1094 or visit Pro Junk Dispatch. We have locations all around and will come to you to get the job done and done right.

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