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Commercial Junk Removal Services

What Do You Need Removed? Pro Junk Dispatch offers a variety of dismantling and removal of any large hard to remove business equipment and offer other services including entire clean outs and clear outs of any unwanted items like office furniture, merchandise, equipment and more!

We’ll take everything. Let us removal all your unwanted old furniture, office machines or pizza ovens. We can dismantle and remove if needed.


The Pro Junk Difference

Don’t spend valuable work time on how you will get that office furniture or unwanted restaurant appliance or copier thrown away. Partner with Pro Junk Dispatch junk removal services to get that junk recycled so you can go about your day. Let our Pro Junk Dispatch commercial junk removal services team do all the hard work of removing all unusable and discarded contents in your commercial building or vacant lot. We will remove anything from anywhere on your business or commercial property no matter where it is. If you are moving and need an entire building or business emptied out, getting new office equipment or just need a new fridge for the office kitchen, call us now to book an appointment.

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Pro Junk Dispatch is available 7 days a week during your time zone's standard business hours. Our network of junk haulers covers the entire continental United States, Hawaii, Alaska, Guam and Puerto Rico.

If you need help cleaning out your business junk and old merchandise, Give us a call 800 737-5923 or: Book Online


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Eco-Friendly Business Junk Removal Services

Never worry again about your junk piling up in a landfill. With Pro Junk Dispatch your old office furniture and commercial appliances will have life again after being donated to local charities or sent to recycling.

Moving Business Furniture and Desks with the Pro Junk Dispatch Guys

Commercial Junk Removal

Where We Take From:
  • Property Management
  • Warehouse
  • Office (any floor)
  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Estates
  • Foreclosures
  • Construction Sites
  • Warehouses
  • Workshops
  • Vacant Lots
  • Storage Facilities
  • Laboratories

Our professional staff will put your mind at ease with the earth on their mind and keep your valuable money in your pocket. We guarantee fast turnaround times at a price you can afford. Just call our business junk removal team to schedule your appointment.

Pro Junk Dispatch

Locally owned, fast and friendly business for your junk removal needs. Call us now for fast and friendly same day service.