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2016-03-10 By Admin

Fire damage cleanup is necessary for various and numerous causes. Fire can break out due to an unextinguished candle, small embers from a fireplace, electrical wiring, lightning, cooking, appliance or electronic device failure, and much more. The fact of the matter is, even with all our modern ... [Read more...]

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2016-03-05 By Admin

So you've tackled a few home improvement projects, like taking-out a kitchen soffit as part of a kitchen remodel. Now, you're looking to expand your home's livable square footage and have settled on the basement as the right space to convert. You might be considering making it into a ... [Read more...]

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2016-02-18 By Admin

Owning a rental property can be a great real estate asset investment, and, create a passive income stream. However, there are several pitfalls that can easily turn what would otherwise be a great investment into a money pit. First and foremost is using a debt instrument to make the purchase. If ... [Read more...]

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2016-02-04 By Admin

You're tired of the eyesore that is the old metal shed taking-up valuable space in your backyard. It's functional purpose is nearly gone and it can't be saved to repurpose into a playhouse or just refurbished to look new again. The contents are largely junk and there's no need to ... [Read more...]

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2016-01-29 By Admin

Getting a new listing is often an exciting proposition, but, when it's a foreclosure property, the joy can be short-lived for real estate professionals. As you probably know, foreclosures come with a unique set of circumstances (read: problems). Often times, the previous resident(s) leaves ... [Read more...]

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2016-01-20 By Admin

When you inherit a home, you might well get a lot more than you'd expect. There are all kinds of legal issues which go along with an estate home. Even if the home is in a well-prepared estate, it's what you do after it comes out of the probate process which often proves the most difficult. It ... [Read more...]

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2016-01-07 By Admin

When you cleaned out your old apartment, moved your business from one location to another, or, just had to store some items for a short term, you rented a self storage unit. It was an ideal answer to the situation then, but now, the lease is about to expire and you don't want to keep paying that... [Read more...]

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2015-12-31 By Admin

There it stands in the corner where you put it every year. Getting brown, with the needles falling everywhere and the decorations beginning to droop. With just inches between the top and your ugly popcorn ceiling, it’s time to say goodbye to this year’s Christmas tree, or is it? Perhaps... [Read more...]

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2015-12-17 By Admin

Buying a foreclosure comes with an idea of getting a great deal, doing a little bit of rehab, then putting it on the market for sale or for rent. New property investors often believe they'll get a home at a discount of 20 to 40 percent under market value, then, put some work into it and sell it ... [Read more...]

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2015-11-30 By Admin

When it's time to move out of an apartment, you're focused on getting into your new place, but, you still want your deposit back. That's just enough motivation to get you to clean out the apartment before you move out and move-on. It's also handy to have a little more cash coming ... [Read more...]

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