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2017-07-27 By Admin

remove wrought iron railings Wrought iron railings are nostalgic and have a sophisticated look. You'll see these outside museums, public buildings, historical landmarks, and around residential properties. Because of their materials, these are very durable and provide a long life of functionality. However, over time, weather... [Read more...]

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2017-07-20 By Admin

take up linoleum flooring Linoleum flooring is an inexpensive alternative to tile and hardwood. It's known for being exceptionally durable, being able to tolerate a lot of foot traffic. This is why it's commonly found in commercial buildings. Like other types of engineered flooring, linoleum can be manufactured to ... [Read more...]

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2017-07-13 By Admin

self storage unit contract expires Your self storage unit contract expires soon and you're ready to part ways permanently with the facility, opting to pare down and save some serious money. While you've enjoyed the convenience of storing your stuff to free up precious space in your house, it's time to purge, make some ... [Read more...]

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2017-07-06 By Admin

failing water heater A failing water heater presents people with a real dilemma. It's not exactly an inexpensive major appliance to replace and it usually requires an experienced plumber to install it. But, those aren't the only problems. A bad water heater is problematic to dispose of, to say the least. This is... [Read more...]

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2017-06-29 By Admin

old wood deck You've got an old wood deck and love the use you've enjoyed for many years. But now, it looks like it might be time for an old wood deck removal. However, you can't help but debate the restoration scenario in your mind. Perhaps, it's worthwhile to rejuvenate it but you just can't... [Read more...]

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2017-06-22 By Admin

self storage unit lien We've already looked into breaking a self storage lease. But, what if you fall behind and the facility is threatening to place a lien? This certainly isn't an enviable position to find oneself in but it does happen. And, a storage space lien can easily become a nightmare in short order. It ... [Read more...]

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2017-06-15 By Admin

self storage unit lease Is it possible to break a self storage unit lease? That's the question all-too-many people find themselves asking. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer. While there are ways to get out of a self storage lease, none of them are particularly attractive. However, this doesn't mean you can'... [Read more...]

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2017-06-08 By Admin

kitchen remodel When you decide on a kitchen remodel project, it entails a lot of details. And, getting the preparation right is crucial to your experience. That's because any hold ups and hiccups can really take a good chunk of time, dragging out the time you are without a fully functional kitchen space. Much ... [Read more...]

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2017-06-01 By Admin

basement finishing Previously, we looked at some helpful basement cleanout tips and now, we're looking at some of the best basement finishing ideas. The basement is a great place to add more livable square footage without going through the trouble and cost of building a home addition. It's perfect because it&#... [Read more...]

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2017-05-25 By Admin

hardwood floor replacement Hardwood floor replacement isn't always a necessity. The good thing about hardwood is it is actually one of the most durable flooring types. It can last for several decades, even longer, with proper care. And, it's among the most aesthetic types of floor, often prefered over many others, ... [Read more...]

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