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Newport Beach Donation Drive Organization Guide

2019-08-27 By Admin

donation driveDonation drive organization is a big task. It’s a huge undertaking because it will take quite a bit of time and effort. After all, there are many parts involved and to make it a success, careful planning and strong execution are absolutely necessary. Read on to learn more about donation drive organization and what you need to know to get results.

About Donation Drives

A donation drive is a one or more day event which specifically elicits donations from the public and group members for a specific cause. For instance, it could revolve around raising money for a children’s program, to buy books or tablets. Or, it could also be for something like an animal shelter. Whatever it is, your goal is to raise money. Our junk removal and hauling service donates a good percentage of collected items.

Many of us have more than what we really need. In India, it’s a common tradition to give old clothes, leftover food, old notebooks, boxes etc to domestic helps. Sometimes to the extent that the maids are getting excess of what they need and there are so many other needy families that can benefit from our old things. --Volunteer

A donation drive usually involves getting the locals to stop by and contribute either money or specific items. The donations collected then go to the particular goal. And, it benefits both the recipient and the givers.

Newport Beach Donation Drive Organization Guide

This enormous undertaking doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In fact, it can be fun, if you are prepared and ready to accept the challenge it poses. When it’s time to begin the planning and execution, you’ll need to follow this donation drive organization guide:

  • Recruit volunteers. The first step is to get some volunteers to help out. Spread the word and be sure to follow up with anyone who expresses interest. Once identified, you can put them where their strongest talents work the best. And, then can also help by talking up the event to others.
  • Promote the event everywhere. Print flyers and distribute them far and wide. Malls and grocery stores are great places to distribute flyers, but there are other places to do so. Go to local community organizations, faith-based organizations, local libraries, and more to spread the word.
  • Tell the local media in advance. You’ll also need to get in-touch with the local media to give them a heads-up at least a couple to a few weeks in advance. Be sure to fill the local media on the details. For example, the location, the day(s) and time, as well as the cause.
  • Setup and drop-off and collection site. You’ll need a dedicated drop-off and collection site, as well as coordinate donation pickups. Have a few people at the drop off location to help take-in donations and thank donors personally. Text

If you need help with junk removal during your donation drive, just phone 800-737-5923 or visit Pro Junk Dispatch.

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