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Irvine Basement Conversion Guide

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Basement conversion. Yes, it’s big and time consuming. It’s also quite complex. Not to mention the fact it’s a huge disruption in your day to day life. Even though it might be out of the way, you’ll find out it still impedes its way into your regular routine. Basement conversions are popular because its existing space that’s usually wasted space. Sure, you might store a bunch of things in the basement or it might serve a dual purpose as a laundry, but typically, it’s not livable square footage. That’s a shame because with a basement conversion, you can increase your home’s value while enjoying a dedicated space for this or that.

Plan the Basement Conversion for Future Resale Potential

What you need to do first is to look at what’s most advantageous but is simultaneously in general demand. In other words, a basement conversion that has widespread appeal so it acts as a resale feature. So, you must avoid transforming it into something that’s over-personalized and over-customized or it will act as a big buyer objection.

Basements are typically about one-third of the entire home’s available space, 600 to 800 sq. ft. in the average home. And while some basements have been finished to create more living area, the majority of these spaces are used as makeshift laundry rooms, home offices, and storage repositories for everything from spare freezers to pantries, paints, and paperwork. In other words, most basements are underused. --Bob

In other words, if it’s over-personalized or customized to the hilt, there’s a really good chance it won’t impress potential buyers when it comes time to sell. For example, if you convert it into a room dedicated to your favorite sports franchise, it won’t have nearly as wide appeal if it was just transformed into a generic entertainment space.

Irvine Basement Conversion Guide

Okay, when it comes to a basement conversion or remodel and finishing, what exactly does that entail? Well, it means very big changes and ones that will take a whole lot of planning and follow on execution. Here’s a few helpful basement cleanout conversion tips:

  • Start with moisture prevention. Add waterproofing and ample insulation to keep moisture, heat, and cold out of the space. You’ll need these elements to climatize the space to make it comfortable to use, regardless of the season.
  • Scale the plumbing for additional uses. Next, you’ll need to scale the plumbing up so it can accommodate new additions such as a bathroom and/or kitchen. You’ll need new water supply lines, as well as drain lines.
  • Upgrade the electrical wiring and lighting. Though the space might have a light or two, these won’t be sufficient enough for a livable area. You have to install new electrical outlets, switches, and lighting in order to make it functional.
  • Install the appropriate climate control system. Another necessity is ample climate control to keep the space comfortable. Then, you can finish the walls, ceiling, and flooring.

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