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2017-10-05 By Admin

old-fitness-equipment Old fitness equipment is one of the most difficult things to dispose of out of the house. Because, it's old and it's used. Those two attributes make it less than appealing. But, this certainly doesn't mean you can't get rid of it. It just means you'll have to try different ... [Read more...]

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2017-09-28 By Admin

reduce household junk While there are several ways to reduce household junk, it's ultimately up to you to maintain a junk-free home. But, this isn't always simple and all-too-often a boring chore. However, this doesn't mean you're doomed to live among clutter and more. Reduce Household Junk with these ... [Read more...]

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2017-09-21 By Admin

compost yard debris To compost yard debris, you don't need any special skills or even equipment. But, you do need a bit of patience and some basic materials. With just a little bit of effort, you can compost yard debris to feed your flower or vegetable garden a healthy diet. Best Method to Compost Yard Debris When ... [Read more...]

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2017-09-14 By Admin

bathroom gutting tips Bathroom gutting tips are quite helpful for first timers. When it comes to home remodeling, there's a lot which most people don't know or fail to anticipate. Even if it's for investment property rental home cleanout rehab, you should be in-the-know to avoid costly mistakes. How to ... [Read more...]

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2017-09-07 By Admin

vinyl flooring removal Vinyl floring removal is sometime necessary. Vinyl floors are an inexpensive alternative to other kinds of materials. And, it comes in a wide variety of styles. Vinyl is manufactured to look like wood, tile, mosaic, and more styles. Although vinyl floor covering provides many choices and it's ... [Read more...]

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2017-08-31 By Admin

old lawn equipment disposal Old lawn equipment might have little to no use to you. But, that doesn't mean it's not worth anything. In fact, there's probably more you can do with old lawn equipment than you think. The problem many people face when it comes to a worn out mower, a bad line trimmer, or a failing edger ... [Read more...]

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2017-08-24 By Admin

stay junk free When you search for something in your home, you'll probably be shocked by just how much junk you have stored away. As you hunt from room to room, it becomes clear that every space is packed with clutter galore. You struggle to recall just how you acquired it or even the last time it was useful. ... [Read more...]

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2017-08-17 By Admin

hot tub removal You're hot tub isn't the glorious and relaxing oasis it used to be and is now nothing more than an eyesore. It's leaking and not heating like it should, so, you think you're stuck with it. You can deal with an old hot tub by disconnecting and removing it. The biggest problem you'... [Read more...]

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2017-08-10 By Admin

moving tips Moving--ugh--the one thing no one looks forward to doing, even though what's at the end is filled with anticipation and excitement. It's difficult to maneuver furniture down tight hallways, contort yourself to get the couch out the front door, and, bad breaking to lift that heavy bed frame. ... [Read more...]

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2017-08-03 By Admin

home renovations Summer isn't exactly over, but it is beginning to come to a close. If you've been thinking about doing some remodeling, perhaps tackling a project or two, now is the time. You might not know it, or, even stop to consider some cost factors, but, renovations, in general, are less expensive ... [Read more...]

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