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How to Do Bathroom Remodeling Prep

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When you decide to jump into bathroom remodeling, you'll learn it's a lot more involved than you first thought. In fact, it's quite a challenge to do some of the work. But, if you're confident about your do-it-yourself skills and have the experience, you can tackle it on your own. Some of bath remodel prep work isn't difficult, like removing wainscoting from the wall or taking down a wall mounted towel rack. But, where most homeowners run into unfamiliar territory is the electrical wiring and plumbing.

How to Do Bathroom Remodeling Prep

Before you delve into a bath remodel, whether it's a minor bathroom remodel or a major bathroom remodel, you should know it's not going to generate a worthwhile return-on-investment. In fact the annual Remodeling Magazine Cost vs. Value report reveals bathroom remodeling to be the 15th on the list of nineteen remodel project ROI. The study shows an average bathroom remodel costs $18,546, but returns $12,024 or 64.8 percent upon property resale.

Bathroom remodeling is tricky because both plumbing and wiring are typically involved, hardly things you want to mix together, and it means you’ll need a plumber and an electrician as subcontractors. No two bathrooms are the same: Thus, bathroom remodeling prep steps are likely to be modified for your project, but there are also several universal concepts that can be applied before you [begin]. --Home Advisor

However, if you're going to be in the home for five or more years, this won't be a huge concern because you'll enjoy an updated space with more function and still get a little more when you sell in the future. The main challenge homeowners face with a bathroom remodeling project is failing to plan it appropriately. In other words, they jump into the demolition only to realize something must be done with all the debris. For instance, once you take up vinyl flooring, you've got to dispose of it. So, have a junk removal remodeling debris cleanup service ready-to-go. Here's how to do bathroom remodeling prep:

  • Empty the bathroom. Your first order of business for any type of room remodeling project is to start with a blank slate and while it's tempting to start swinging a sledgehammer, you've got to remove the decor, toiletries, and everything else first. Empty the bathroom so that only the fixtures remain (vanity, shower/bath, toilet, and racks).
  • Turn off the water. Next, turn off the water supply to the bathroom. Even if you're just going to replace the vanity and leave the toilet and shower and/or bath, you'll still need to shut off the water supply so you can replace the vanity.
  • Turn off the power. When the water supply is off, bring in some towels and/or drop cloths, along with a bucket or two. These will come in handy if you are removing the vanity, and/or toilet, and/or shower/bath. Be sure to turn off the electrical power, if you're going to replace the lights and/or fan.
  • Remove the fixtures. Strip all the fixtures from the walls (medicine cabinet, towel racks, and more). Then, remove the vanity first, toilet next, and finally, pull out the tub/shower. This will create more space as you remove each one so it's easier to get the larger fixtures out.

Before you begin your bathroom remodel, be sure to phone 800-737-5923 or visit Pro Junk Dispatch. Schedule construction and remodeling debris cleanup before you start gutting for a small or big bathroom remodel.

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