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2017-05-18 By Admin

estate sale tips Setting up, managing, and hosting an estate sale isn't something everyone will do, but it does become a reality for many. When a family member passes and it becomes you who must take care of their house and possessions, it can be a very difficult time. In many cases, it's an emotional battle... [Read more...]

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2017-05-11 By Admin

basement cleanout Basement cleanout isn't exactly an exciting prospect but converting it into a more comfortable, functional space or adding extra livable square footage is a lot more inspirational. After all, there's a lot of room to recapture and use, so it's not only a more functional and enjoyable ... [Read more...]

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2017-05-04 By Admin

garage workshop conversion A garage workshop conversion is a great option for the enthusiastic hobbyist or for someone who wants to start a side business. If you're considering a garage workshop conversion, then you need to do it right so it's not only functional, but comfortable, as well. The trick is to have a ... [Read more...]

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2017-04-27 By Admin

yard sale money-making tips When it comes to yard sale money-making tips that are the most effective, you need to think a bit out-of-the-box. While preparing and hosting a garage sale it's nearly as intense as  something like an estate home clean out project, it's actually done wrong largely. That's because ... [Read more...]

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2017-04-20 By Admin

home appliance removal Home appliance removal and replacement might not seem a big deal, that is, until you actually try to pull it off. Nowadays, there are no easy options for appliance disposal because of all the environmental regulations and landfill procedures. But this doesn't mean you're completely stuck. ... [Read more...]

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2017-04-13 By Admin

take down vinyl fencing It's come time to take down vinyl fencing and you don't necessarily want to hire someone to do the work for you. That's okay, it's not difficult to take down vinyl fencing but it is time-consuming and you'll have to dispose of the materials properly. Perhaps it's time to ... [Read more...]

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2017-04-06 By Admin

kids There are a few kids' swing set disposal options you can use when it's time to say goodbye to that backyard amenity. Like dealing with old bicycles after Christmas, you'll have to get a little creative to unload a kids' swing set. (That is, if it's not in the best condition.) ... [Read more...]

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2017-03-30 By Admin

downed tree removal Now that spring is upon us, it's time to get the yard back in shape for the next seasons. You might have a downed tree in your yard or one that needs to be felled. For these situations, you need to remove that tree from your property. Otherwise, it constitutes a real safety hazard, because it ... [Read more...]

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2017-03-23 By Admin

home deck removal It's time for home deck removal, though it's been a great amenity through the years. Your deck served for so long as a go-to oasis where you can grill out, relax and entertain guests. But now, it's no longer viable to patch up or even refinish. It's sagging in places and a little ... [Read more...]

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2017-03-16 By Admin

attic clean out It's nearly spring and that means it's time for an attic clean out to reclaim precious space. There are a number of attic clean out tips and tricks you can use to make it go a bit smoother and get better results. Few homeowners really think about their attics as truly useful spaces. Most ... [Read more...]

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