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2014-11-18 By Admin

Years ago, a swing set was nothing more than a support frame with two or more swings dangling from metal chains. Over the past several years, that has changed and now, it's normal to install a big backyard swing set, complete with a slide, playhouse, sand box, monkey bars, and more play delights... [Read more...]

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2014-11-11 By Admin

No matter where you live in the country, you'll deal with storms. From tropical storms to downpours to wild winds whipping their way across your property, the end result generally consists of having to clean up, haul away, and dispose of debris. It can be trees, a storage shed, an above ground ... [Read more...]

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2014-11-04 By Admin

When you invest in a new rental property or purchase your primary residence, and it came at a discount because it was a foreclosure, you'll likely be facing a big mess to deal with. During the time it took the bank to foreclose, most soon not-to-be homeowners go through an emotional roller ... [Read more...]

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2014-10-28 By Admin

If you have inherited an estate home, have a rental property, run a business, or even have junk piling-up in your own residence, you ought to know that it could cost you a lot of money. Pinellas County has code standards which it does enforce, because that brings in a near-constant revenue stream ... [Read more...]

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2014-10-23 By Admin

When a family member passes away, there are a lot of things to deal with. The emotional roller coaster of missing him or her mixed with those fond, happy memories is just one of many things. There's the task of going through personal belongings, which isn't an easy one. What makes it all the... [Read more...]

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2014-10-21 By Admin

Everyday, we throw stuff into our garbage cans, left-over food that's gone bad, broken toys and electronics, drained batteries, tissues, napkins and paper plates, the list goes on and on. Where it all goes, in most cases, is to a local landfill, where's its burned, buried, or recycled for ... [Read more...]

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2014-10-16 By Admin

When your junk garbage piles-up, it becomes more than just a waste of space and an eyesore. Some things present safety hazards like old metal swing sets, which not only rust, but can be dangerous to curious, fun-seeking little ones. Other things are just big, unwieldy, and unwanted, like an old ... [Read more...]

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2014-10-14 By Admin

Here, there, everywhere in your home, all your not-so precious possessions take-up space. So much space that you don't have an ounce of it to spare and now, you've decided to get serious about getting rid of it. Perhaps you're moving or you've inherited a property that's stuffed ... [Read more...]

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2014-10-09 By Admin

Let's face it, we all have junk, call it "stuff" if you'd like, but it's still there, taking up space and collecting dust. Then, something happens and those things no longer blend into their environment, they stick out because you've got to do something with each and every ... [Read more...]

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2014-10-07 By Admin

You're confronted with removing your own junk, perhaps even someone else's stuff and you decide to make it quick and easy. Down to the curb and back you go, go, go, dragging, rolling, carrying, and negotiating more obstacles. After what seems like an eternity, you're finally done.  ... [Read more...]

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