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2015-10-22 By Admin

A kitchen soffit is a built-in fixture, situated between the top of the cabinets and the bottom of the ceiling. Most often, this rectangular structure is in-place to conceal electrical wiring, pipes, or other types of mechanical systems. In a few instances, it's hollow and empty, simply serving ... [Read more...]

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2015-10-16 By Admin

Now that fall is here, so are the last years in your child's higher education. As the semesters tick off the calendar, it's not long before he or she is off on his or her own and you're left with an extra room. Empty nesters experience all kinds of emotions and some look at this new ... [Read more...]

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2015-09-03 By Admin

Helping a charity is a very rewarding experience. These organizations rely heavily on volunteers to assist with their mission, and, donation drives serve as a great way to generate awareness and raise money. Our junk removal and hauling service donates up to 40% of our collected items. ... [Read more...]

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2015-08-20 By Admin

Summer isn't exactly over, but it is beginning to come to a close. If you've been thinking about doing some remodeling, perhaps tackling a project or two, now is the time. You might not know it, or, even stop to consider some cost factors, but, renovations, in general, are less expensive ... [Read more...]

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2015-08-13 By Admin

One great way to add real value to your home and do so for a low cost is with a minor bathroom remodel. Rather than gut the space completely and redo it all over again, a project which averages $16,128, but returns $11,688, or, 72.5 percent, according to Remodeling magazine, you can make small ... [Read more...]

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2015-06-25 By Admin

A great alternative to wood decking is composite. It looks great, comes in a wide variety of styles and colors, and some systems come with hidden fasteners, giving it a clean, smooth appearance. Many people choose composite over wood, even though it is substantially more expensive, and, has a lower ... [Read more...]

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2015-05-01 By Admin

Moving to a new office can certainly be a stressful but exciting proposition. There is much to take care of well before and during your company move. The biggest problem isn't necessarily the logistics of changing addresses, scheduling utilities, and having your phone number rerouted, but in the... [Read more...]

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2015-04-09 By Admin

Make no mistake about it, this is a big job that will require a lot of time, elbow grease, and determination, no matter how small the area. Even if you're just tackling the backsplash or are changing the tiles in your bathroom shower, you'll find that it's not an easy or fast project to tackle. ... [Read more...]

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2015-03-19 By Admin

You've leased a new office space for a song because the last tenants moved out abruptly and left their old office equipment behind. The space has been empty for over a year, so, it's quite obvious that nothing will be picked up. What's more, you have the supplies and technology you need ready to go... [Read more...]

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2015-02-24 By Admin

Murphy beds are a wonderful space saver and can be quite convenient for small rooms. These can also be a great option to accommodate visiting guests. Some people choose to take their Murphy beds with them when they move or simply move it to a different room. In other instances, the bed begins to sag... [Read more...]

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