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How to Remove Aluminum Window Awnings

2014-12-09 By Admin

Many older homes in the southeast were built to withstand tropical storms that are prominent on the east

coast and the west coast of the Florida peninsula. These residential safety features include concrete

block and stucco construction, which is known for its sturdiness, and, aluminum window awnings. 

These awnings can be lowered from a raised position, to cover a window entirely, shielding it from high

winds and voluminous rain. When lowered into position, the awnings protect window panes and prevent

glass from shattering into the home.

How to Remove Aluminum Window Awnings

Though these safety features do have a particular purpose, they typically are not aesthetically pleasing.

What's more, over time, corrosion begins to form on the metal and they become unsightly, as well as

potential projectile hazards, in inclement weather conditions. Learning how to remove aluminum window awnings is

not difficult but it is a bit time consuming. With a very few tools, these awnings can be uninstalled from the

exterior of a home. 

You'll need a step ladder, a power driver, a pry bar, eye protection, and leather gloves. Place the ladder

near the awning put on your eye protection and leather gloves then stepped onto the ladder and unfasten

the retaining screws that are sunk into the exterior wall place those screws in your pocket for now and

allow the awning to fold down and hang from the top.

Exterior redesign projects may include removing a rusted or damaged metal window awning

and installing a new one or going with another type of window accent. Regardless of the reason, removing

an awning is done methodically to prevent damaging the stucco or wood siding by pulling out the

fasteners that secure the frame to the building. In addition, even smaller awnings can be awkward to

handle. -- San Francisco Chronicle

Now, lift the awning up and unfasten the retaining screws affixing the rear hinge to the exterior wall. You'll

likely find that even after unfastening the retaining screws, the awning will remain stuck to the exterior of

your home with caulking. Allow the awning to gently swing to a closed position and place the pry bar

between the awning and the exterior wall, then, carefully pry it off. 

Repeat the process until all the awnings have been taken off. Patch any holes in the exterior and take the

opportunity to look carefully at windows for cracks and any damage. This is also a good time to replace

windows with new energy efficient ones that are resistant to high winds.

How to Dispose of Old Awnings

Because these awnings are made of aluminum, they can be sold for a little extra cash as scrap. Take

them to a scrap metal yard, have them weighed and sell them. If you do not have a truck to haul them,

call a junk removal service and have them hauled away.

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