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2015-02-12 By Admin

Under the counter or built-in dishwasher units make life a bit easier but certainly don't last forever. When a dishwasher begins to fail, it might leak, not heat water, or cut off during normal cycles. Once it's determined the appliance is on its last leg, you'll have to pull it out, ... [Read more...]

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2015-02-03 By Admin

Brazilian pepper trees are native not only to the country of Brazil, but also to other parts of South America. These shrubs were first brought to the United States, particularly, the state of Florida in the mid-1800's, for their ornamental aesthetics. Brazilian pepper can be a source of ... [Read more...]

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2015-01-29 By Admin

It's an exciting time when you are replacing kitchen, bath, or garage cabinets. Having an updated look always improves the aesthetics of a room and can be a clever way to add a bit of value. The one dilemma some homeowners face is what to do with their old cabinets. Even if the fixtures are a bit ... [Read more...]

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2015-01-22 By Admin

You have a lot of stuff (read: junk) that you're ready to finally rid yourself of, but you're debating about just how to go about it. You know one thing is for certain, it won't be you that actually hauls it away. You're not going to spend the money on renting a truck to back and forth to the local ... [Read more...]

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2015-01-15 By Admin

Buying a foreclosure is one way to get a deal on a residential home, though it requires quite a bit of due diligence. There's a lot to consider, especially when the property is in a state of disrepair. Depending on the circumstances, the home might not yet be in the bank's possession, even though ... [Read more...]

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2015-01-08 By Admin

Kitchen soffits were born out of the necessity to conceal electrical wiring or ductwork, and in some instances, just to close the space between the top of the cabinets and the ceiling. If you have a soffit in your kitchen, you might be able to take it out, depending on what's behind it. Should it be... [Read more...]

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2015-01-01 By Admin

If you're doing a little renovating or remodeling an want to know how to take down an interior wall, you first need to learn if it is load bearing. Have a professional come in and inspect it to find out if you can take it down whole or partially.  If you are able to tear down the entire wall, ... [Read more...]

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2014-12-23 By Admin

Window or wall conditioners are very common in Florida, especially in spaces that are not tied into the central air systems in a home. During the late spring months, continuing through the summer, and into the first several weeks of fall, these can provide cooler temperatures in spaces to make them ... [Read more...]

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2014-12-18 By Admin

Carpet is chosen as a subfloor covering often because it comes in many varieties, colors, and is much less expensive then hardwood or tile. With the advent of engineered wood an other types of flooring, it is now less expensive to change a room or set of rooms than it has been in previous years. ... [Read more...]

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2014-12-09 By Admin

Many older homes in the southeast were built to withstand tropical storms that are prominent on the east coast and the west coast of the Florida peninsula. These residential safety features include concrete block and stucco construction, which is known for its sturdiness, and, aluminum ... [Read more...]

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