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How to do an Apartment Clean Out

2015-11-30 By Admin

When it's time to move out of an apartment, you're focused on getting into your new place, but, you still want your deposit back. That's just enough motivation to get you to clean out the apartment before you move out and move-on. It's also handy to have a little more cash coming back for things you'll eventually need as you start the next chapter in your life. While you might not have a check handed to you immediately, it's good to know you'll get the deposit back. What's more, if you do take the time to clean out your old apartment, you might just come across something you've completely overlooked.

How to Do an Apartment Clean Out

The first thing you should do is empty out as much of the living space as you can. The more free space you have to maneuver, the better, so you can clean those hard to reach spots. You'll need to go over every nook and cranny because any excuse to hold back part or all of your deposit will be used to do so. If you have a lot of stuff but little ability to move it all, make piles of things to donate an things you can sell. Whatever's left over, give it away to lighten your load.

The last thing you want to do before you leave one home to start another is clean out the old place. But alas, it must be done, so just throw on some tunes, grin and bear it. If your place is just surface dirty and not damaged, how well you clean could be the difference between getting back your deposit money that has been held hostage for years or not. --Apartment Therapy

Start as soon as possible and get the small stuff first. Gather-up all loose items and group like things together to box-up. If you are moving out in the next couple of weeks, now is the time to eat the food in the refrigerator. It's also time to start removing wall decor that's your own and boxing-up knickknacks. It's best to empty any drawers to make things such as side tables and your dresser lighter to carry and move. Move out all the furniture, if possible to be able to get to every part of the apartment. Next, schedule utility turn off times, then, do the following for a thorough apartment clean out:

  • Closets and storage spaces. Closets and storage areas are the spaces you arrange and clean the least. So, this is where you ought to start your apartment clean out. Completely empty these and then, clean them up. Be sure to wipe down the shelves and to cleanup any dust.
  • Bedrooms. Start with the ceiling fan, if applicable and dust the ceiling itself. The window panes and frames and door should be cleaned thoroughly, as well as the blinds. It's also good to wipe the walls down with TSP. Then, vacuum the carpet or sweep the hardwood.
  • Common living areas. The living room and other common areas, like the dining room and hallway should be next on your list. Go from top to bottom and be sure to clean any light fixtures, sliding glass doors, outlet plates, as well as switch plates. Give the baseboards some attention, then clean the floors.
  • Kitchen. Do the same in the kitchen, working from top to bottom. Clean the light fixtures, windows, outlet plates, switch plates, countertops, and then the baseboards and floor. Defrost the refrigerator and thoroughly clean every appliance. Clean the sink last and let it dry.
  • Bathrooms. Wipe down all surfaces, going again from top to bottom. If there's mold, you'll have to take care of it first. Clean the light fixtures, outlet plates, switch plates, countertops, and then the baseboards and floor. Clean the shower and sink last.

When all the cleaning is done, repair anything that might be broken. If you have old furniture that's not worth taking with you or have a bunch of junk to get rid of, just phone 800-737-5923 or visit Pro Junk Dispatch.

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