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What to do With Old Office Equipment

2015-03-19 By Admin

You've leased a new office space for a song because the last tenants moved out abruptly and left their old office equipment behind. The space has been empty for over a year, so, it's quite obvious that nothing will be picked up. What's more, you have the supplies and technology you need ready to go, but first have to deal with what to do with old office equipment junk. It really doesn't matter to you if any of it still works, you only want to be rid of it all and don't want to incur any more cost than necessary. You also need to clear out your new office space quickly to get it cleaned up and ready for use.

You have a limited schedule and the more time you waste on getting rid of this old office equipment, the less time you have to devote to opening your new office location. That can be quite costly as time goes on and you don't have the luxury of spending precious time on someone else's junk.

What to Do with Old Office Equipment

The first thing you can do is to see if there's any leasing information on it. It might belong to a office supply company and they would likely be willing to pick it all up and take it away, free of cost to you. Should there be no such information, that equipment is now yours to deal with. Plug in the electronic equipment to see if any of it works. Should some or all of the items work, then you can donate it to a charitable organization for its use.

Throwing away old office electronics hurts the environment, and is banned in many communities. They often contain hazardous materials, such as mercury, lead and arsenic, that can become toxic waste in landfills and leach into the soil. The best solution is giving them away or recycling them. (Make sure the equipment is cleared of sensitive business information before doing anything with it.) -- Small Business Trends

You might also be able to give it to a local office supply company for it to refurbish the equipment and lease it to its customers. Some of the larger chain stores who sell and lease office equipment do take these type of items because they can either refurbish and lease it out or recycle components for use in other applications.

Another option on what to do with old office equipment is to sell it in bulk or piece by piece over the internet for a cheap price. You'll be able to make a little bit of money while ridding yourself of it all. Should the electronics not work, you'll have to rent a truck and haul it to the local recycling center, both of which will come at an expensive cost, or phone a junk hauling service to pick it up and haul it away.

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