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How to Repurpose Old Cabinets

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It's an exciting time when you are replacing kitchen, bath, or garage cabinets. Having an updated look always improves the aesthetics of a room and can be a clever way to add a bit of value. The one dilemma some homeowners face is what to do with their old cabinets. Even if the fixtures are a bit worn, they might find new use somewhere else. The trick is to repurpose old cabinets by incorporating them into a new space, and not necessarily with the same end goal.

If you take a moment to think about where you need extra storage or have another need and think a bit outside the box, you're likely to come up with a few ideas of how to repurpose those old cabinets and give them new life.

Ways to Repurpose Old Cabinets

The first thing you ought to do is take some measurements to ensure that where you want them to go will have adequate space. Next, you should take a small inventory of the supplies you'll need to repurpose them. These can include primer, paint, lacquer, bead-board, trim, and other materials.

When you buy new cabinets to remodel or redecorate your kitchen, it can be hard to imagine throwing away your old cabinets, especially if they are in good condition. Storage isn't the only use for cabinets. Taking the cabinets apart opens up new possibilities for using old cabinets throughout your home. From works of art to craft materials, you can find uses for your old cabinets. --Β San Francisco Chronicle

If you have trouble with imaging some possibilities to reuse your old cabinets, then try one of these suggestions:

  • β€’ Make them into a kitchen island. If you have the skill set and tools, you can combine the cabinets using plywood and refinish them with bead-board, trim, and a fresh coat of paint. Should you really be handy, you can add an electrical outlet or two.
  • β€’ Transform them into a compost bin. For those who love to garden, be it flowers or vegetables, old cabinets can be transformed into a compost bin. Simply remove the doors and/or drawers, remove the shelves, and enclose them with plywood.
  • β€’ Use them as testing material. You can also keep the cabinets and use the wood to test cut when you have a new project that involves newly purchased wood. You'll be able to create a template and prevent bad cuts.
  • β€’ Refinish them and place them in a mudroom or garage. Remove the doors, brush on a fresh coat of paint, and hang them in the mudroom or garage for extra storage space.
  • β€’ Make them into a new bathroom vanity. For those who are really creative and have the skills, those old cabinets can be made into a new bathroom vanity. All you'll need is the sink and back-splash.

Should none of these ideas be feasible, either because of cost, the amount of work, or having too little room to store them elsewhere, then call a junk removal service to pick them up and haul them away. This will save you time in having to haul them off and money at the landfill.

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