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2017-12-07 By Admin

attic cleanout tips With Christmas fast approaching, it's probably time for a total attic cleanout and reorganization. Of course, this isn't something most people relish but it's got to finally be done. After all, there's a lot of usable storage space and it's worthwhile to recapture it. Of course, if you're ... [Read more...]

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2017-11-30 By Admin

old bbq grill disposal When you need to dispose of an old barbeque grill, you'll quickly learn this isn't an easy task. First of all, it's old. Second, it's used. Third, it's a mess. Fourth, it's potentially dangerous. And, the list goes on and on. However, if it's still in relatively good ... [Read more...]

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2017-11-20 By Admin

old-bicycle-disposal Old bicycle disposal just might find its way onto your to-do list. This is particularly true if you're planning to find a new set of wheels under the Christmas tree. And, because Old Saint Nick's visit is right around the corner, you'll need a plan to avoid being overwhelmed. Trouble is... [Read more...]

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2017-11-16 By Admin

remodeling debris material disposal Dealing with remodeling debris material can be a real challenge. This is particularly true if you haven't planned ahead. The truth of the matter is, many people simply don't think about what they'll do with all that debris. And, it's often overwhelming because it's another ... [Read more...]

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2017-11-09 By Admin

carpet replacement options The top carpet replacement options are often a tad more expensive, but not always. The truth is, flooring prices are more affordable than ever. This is mostly due to new and various manufacturing process. Plus, different types of materials. So, the days of outrageously expensive flooring are a thing... [Read more...]

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2017-11-02 By Admin

wainscoting removal Wainscoting removal isn't necessarily difficult. Meaning, it does not require special skills or tools. But, it's not all that easy because it does require a bit of patience. The reason is when you remove wainscoting, you need to avoid damaging the wall behind it. Otherwise, you create more ... [Read more...]

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2017-10-26 By Admin

closet laundry room conversion A successful closet laundry room conversion is a great way to get more function and convenience from space you already have in the house. Unfortunately, most people think of the idea as too far fetched or just a big remodeling nuisance. Okay, it will require a good amount of elbow grease but that ... [Read more...]

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2017-10-19 By Admin

bathroom gutting tips Bathroom gutting tips can certainly prove useful. Particularly, if you're taking on this project for the first time. Make no mistake about it, gutting a bathroom for a remodel is hard work. But, it's not totally impossible for newbies. However, it's best to leave the electrical wiring ... [Read more...]

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2017-10-12 By Admin

hardwood floor replacement signs Some hardwood floor replacement signs are very conspicuous. Others aren't as noticeable and still more are less than obvious. That's because hardwood is not only very beautiful, it's super durable. The truth is, there's no actual hard and fast rules when it comes to hardwood ... [Read more...]

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2017-10-05 By Admin

old-fitness-equipment Old fitness equipment is one of the most difficult things to dispose of out of the house. Because, it's old and it's used. Those two attributes make it less than appealing. But, this certainly doesn't mean you can't get rid of it. It just means you'll have to try different ... [Read more...]

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