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Walnut Creek Property Clean Out Service or Dumpster Rental?

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Make no mistake about it, property clean out is serious business. This isn't something to take lightly because it's often fraught with safety and health risks. Plus, it can easily be overwhelming. Whether you're dealing with a hoarding situation or you've bought a distressed foreclosure, when it comes to property clean out, you'll need a solid plan to follow.

Property Clean Out Safety Tips

If you are dealing with a partial or whole property clean out, you should know this isn't for the faint of heart. It's not only time consuming but usually back breaking work. So, you'll need a few sets of helping hands to help out. What's more, if it is a hoarded, be prepared for some really nasty surprises. And, if you're unsure what it is and how to deal with it, call in professional help.

Few homeowners are equipped with the proper tools and knowledge to haul the waste off to the proper facilities on their own. It requires a large, weight-bearing vehicle that — that they need to fill and empty several times — the fuel for multiple trips to the correct disposal facilities, and in some cases the permits to drop off waste at those facilities. --Angie’s

Also, keep in mind that you can't simply drag everything out to the curb. You'll discover (as an unpleasant surprise) the local trash collection service doesn't pick up everything. Most agencies (and even private companies) are limited in what they accept. For instance, hazardous materials, like electronic waste disposal, is one example. That means you'll have to find another way to deal with it.

Walnut Creek Property Clean Out Service or Dumpster Rental?

This is when it comes down to a choice. Some people opt to simply rent a big dumpster. They think it's the perfect solution for a property clean out scenario. But, what about a junk hauling or a property clean out service? Here's why it's typically better to go with a professional property clean out company:

  • No heavy lifting. Remember, if you get a waste container, the onus is on you to fill it up. That means you have to do all the work. But, with a property clean out crew, they'll do the hard labor for you.
  • Forget the sorting. As mentioned above, if the job contains any hazardous materials, you won't be able to dispose of them in a dumpster. That's because these companies have long lists of prohibited items. And, they inspect what you throw in so you can't just cover it up.
  • Know the price upfront. Another advantage of a property clean out service, is you'll get an upfront quote. But, doesn't a dumpster company give you a price? Yes, the trick is you have to get the measurements right. Rent a container that's too large, you'll waste money. Rent one that's too small and you'll need to book it again.
  • Avoid the inconveniences. Yet another reason to go with a property clean out company is you won't have a large container sitting there until it's pick up day. (Such a large item can also make parking difficult. And, if it's in the wrong place, that's a possible code violation.)

If you need a reliable property clean out service, just phone 800-433-1094 or visit Pro Junk Dispatch.

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