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2018-04-10 By Admin

composite decking disposal Composite decking disposal is totally different from traditional wood. In fact, it's so different, the disposal or rather, recycling process is entirely something else. This is due to the fact that composite isn't wood. And, it functions differently than its pure wood counterpart, which can ... [Read more...]

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2018-04-09 By Admin

wood deck removal Wood deck removal or restoration? Which should you choose? Sometimes, it's easy to tell. For instance, when a wood deck is badly damaged or the structure deteriorating. But, other signs are much more subtle. The good news is, in most instances, you can salvage a deck but if not, there are ... [Read more...]

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2018-04-06 By Admin

aluminum window awning removal Aluminum window awning removal isn't all that difficult. But, it does require a little time and effort to do it right. After all, you don't want to cause damage to the exterior. And, if you plan to reinstall it at a later date or somewhere else, you definitely want it in undamaged condition... [Read more...]

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2018-04-05 By Admin

Murphy bed removal Murphy bed removal isn't a cake walk. Not that it's all that complicated. But, it is heavy and awkward. So, it takes a lot to get it out of the house. Known for as a big space saving feature, Murphy beds are named for their creator, William Lawrence Murphy. He developed the system to hide a ... [Read more...]

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2018-04-04 By Admin

wood deck disposal Wood deck disposal and tear down is a big, big job. Not only does it require a whole lot of labor, it also demands a lot of heavy lifting, and then, there's the matter of disposal. It takes a lot of time and effort to demolish a wood deck, no matter how small. Since it's intended as a ... [Read more...]

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2018-04-03 By Admin

home office conversion Home office conversion is a lot more than it sounds like. While it seems like it's a cinch, the home office conversion process is a lot more involved. This is due the fact that a home office and bedroom have two completely different functions. Which ultimately means you'll need certain ... [Read more...]

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2018-03-29 By Admin

reduce household junk lafayette To reduce household junk, you simply need an actionable plan. Well, more of a day-to-day routine. Once you're in the habit, it becomes easier and easier to cut down on unwanted and/or unneeded items. Things pile up quickly. And, if you are skeptical of that notion, simply think serious about ... [Read more...]

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2018-03-28 By Admin

illegal dumping removal Illegal dumping removal. Three words that stir up a whole lot of dread. When you're a property owner, this is something you dread dealing with. It's a bane on society and a shame that it even happens. But, it does occur from time-to-time. Unfortunately, it's the property owner who must ... [Read more...]

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2018-03-27 By Admin

clothes dryer removal Clothes dryer removal becomes necessary when the unit breaks down beyond repair. For most makes, clothes dryers last, on average, about 10 to 15 years. So, if you're experiencing problems, it might just be a simple component failure. However, there are lemons and it's entirely possible that ... [Read more...]

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2018-03-26 By Admin

interior wall removal Interior wall removal isn't exactly the most difficult home improvement project. So, it doesn't require a whole lot of specialized skill. But, it's definitely not for those who aren't handy with some common tools. The only caveat is that most interior walls contain electrical wiring... [Read more...]

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