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Reasons to Hire a Property Cleanout Service

2017-12-14 By Admin

property cleanout serviceThere are several reasons to hire a property cleanout service. You might need help with a foreclosure clean out or just to get your own house in order. Or, you've inherited a home that's a big mess. It could even be that you're dealing with a hoarding situation. Basically, it's overwhelming and just too much. So, you're considering your options.

Dumpster Rental versus Property Cleanout Service

Many people first think about just renting a dumpster. It seems to easily be the perfect answer. You schedule a day and time, the container is dropped off, and you simply throw stuff into it. Voilà! It's done and you don't even have to deal with hauling it away or taking and sorting it in a recycling facility. But, that's usually not the case. If you do rent a dumpster, it's got to be the right size.

Typically, foreclosures need more than cosmetic touch-ups. Angry homeowners often destroy the places on the way out, ruining everything including the kitchen sink. And, homeowners who couldn’t pay their mortgages rarely spent on basic maintenance, which means that the mechanicals and appliances of foreclosures must be carefully inspected before you turn your attention to finishes, updates and curb appeal. --Bob

Should you rent one that's too large, you'll waste money on unused space. A dumpster that's too small means having to rent it again. Plus, you still have to do all the work. What's more, dumpster rental companies place all sorts of restrictions on what's acceptable. In other words, they prohibit certain items. And, even if you try to conceal prohibited stuff, they inspect the contents.

Reasons to Hire a Property Cleanout Service

Typically, it's better to go with a company rather than rent a container. But just what are the advantages? And why is this a better alternative? Don't worry, many people ask these questions. Here's a look at some key reasons why it's a good idea to hire a property cleanout service:

  • It’s very convenient. Okay, you can always opt to do the DIY thing. But, that means all the onus is on you. It's you who must do all the work. And, even if you have a couple or a few helping hands, it will still take time out of your busy schedule.
  • You avoid health and safety risks. Too often, junk disposal means far more than having to deal with dirt and grime. It also usually includes health and safety hazards.
    For instance, if you are cleaning out a foreclosure or a fixer-upper, there are probably hidden dangers lurking about.
  • The company has the right resources. Of course, there's always the matter of having the right tools on hand and a set of helping hands, as well. When you hire a property cleanout service, they come well-equipped and ready to work.
  • There’s no worrying about hauling the junk. Another advantage is not having to deal with all that junk. In other words, once you clean out the property, where do you go to dispose of it? A professional property cleanout service will take care of that for you.

When you need a reliable junk removal service, go ahead and phone 800-433-1094 or visit Pro Junk Dispatch.

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