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2021-12-08 By Owen

Linoleum Floor Removal Guide for Punta Gorda Residents Linoleum floor removal. Ugh. Talk about a home improvement project that’s a whole lot of work. It’s messy and dirty. What’s worse, linoleum floor removal is very hard, arduous work. The good news is, you don’t need any real DIY expertise, but you do need a bit of persistence ... [Read more...]

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2021-12-06 By Owen

Bathroom Gutting Guide for Oldsmar Residents Bathroom gutting is no easy task. In fact, for such a small space, it takes a whole lot of time and effort to get it done. Plus, it causes a huge disruption in your day-to-day routine. All of this, not to mention the fact that it’s probably going to cause a few problems to crop up during the ... [Read more...]

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2021-11-30 By Owen

Sarasota Appliance Disposal Home appliance disposal is a real pain. There’s just no way around it. When you replace an old appliance, unless there is a scheduled pick-up, you’ll find it’s quite difficult. This is due to a few reasons. First of all, it’s used, which means there’s a very limited ... [Read more...]

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2021-11-29 By Owen

Garage decluttering Garage decluttering. Two words that can either strike fear into your heart or make you swell with pride. If you have a cluttered garage, then you’re probably dreading the awful experience of having to whip it into shape. Boxes piled high, fitness and sports equipment jumbled into corners. ... [Read more...]

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2021-11-23 By Owen

Glued-Down Carpet Removal Glue-down carpet removal. Talk about a big-time job. More like a laborious task that takes hours on end. It’s a work-intensive thing to do, precisely because of its installation. In fact, it’s one of the most difficult home improvement projects anyone can take on, no matter their ... [Read more...]

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2021-11-22 By Owen

Water Heater Failure Signs Bradenton Residents should Heed Water heater replacement signs range from subtle to obvious. What’s worse, is that it’s not exactly an inexpensive major appliance to replace and it usually requires an experienced plumber to install it. But, those aren’t the only problems. A bad water heater is problematic to ... [Read more...]

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2021-11-17 By Owen

Armoire Disposal Options in Venice Armoire disposal. Talk about an unwelcome job. Plus, one that’s more difficult than you might believe. We totally understand because we’re the number one source for furniture removal — as well as furniture disposal — and we’ve done it many times before. So, read on to ... [Read more...]

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2021-11-16 By Owen

Sleeper Sofa Disposal Options in Englewood Sleeper sofa disposal. Years ago, when it was new, you couldn’t imagine any other piece to complete the set. Now, with Christmas is right around the corner, being just weeks away, you thought you were prepared. You have a replacement but not the space to accommodate the new one and your old ... [Read more...]

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2021-11-10 By Owen

Home Downsizing Tips in Palm Harbor Home downsizing comes with just more than logistical challenges, it also involves quite a bit of emotion. When it’s time for home downsizing, it means having to relocate from one place to another with a huge contingency — you can’t take everything with you. Now, it’s likewise... [Read more...]

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2021-11-08 By Owen

Water-Damaged Ceiling Repair in Clearwater Water-damaged ceiling repair isn’t the most difficult thing to handle. But, it’s not for those without some solid handyman chops. However, if you have the skills, you don’t necessarily need to be an experienced contractor or a rehabilitation expert. Although, it will present a few ... [Read more...]

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