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What To Do When Tenants Leave Junk Behind

2022-07-12 By Admin

What To Do When Tenants Leave Junk Behind
Did your tenant leave their junk behind when they moved out? You may have lingering junk that former tenants left behind as a landlord or a property manager. A tenant may leave items behind because they didn't plan how to dispose of them, couldn't fit everything in their moving truck, or didn't realize leaving items would inconvenience the landlord.

Determine If the Property Has Been Abandoned

Make reasonable attempts to communicate with your tenant first. Verify that the items have indeed been abandoned, and not merely forgotten if they left a forwarding address or contact information behind.

Understanding your local laws is essential when dealing with tenant property. The former tenant should be sent a Notice of Abandoned Personal Property. Describe everything they left behind in detail in that notice. If possible, take a video of the materials so you can show the condition in which they were found. The notice must include where the property can be claimed, the date it must be claimed, and the storage costs to be paid before the property can be returned.

Get Rid of The Junk

Once you know that the last tenants don't want the items they left behind, you need them gone as soon as possible, and we can assist. When it comes to cleaning the property so that you can hand over the keys to new tenants, the leftover junk is a major obstacle. Our property cleanout services help you prepare the property for leasing when tenants leave trash and furniture behind. Within a few hours, we can have your rental property completely cleaned out. You have a lot on your plate as a property manager. You can think of us as an extension of your team. Whenever you need us, we're here to help you get your property in shape. Garbage, discarded furniture, and other debris will be removed from entire units.

Your previous tenant left behind an old couch and patio set, and your new tenant will move in tomorrow. What do you do?

Call the Property Cleanout Experts

Call the Property Cleanout Experts

A junk removal company, such as Pro Junk Dispatch, can provide you with same-day service if you need junk removed immediately! Hoarder cleanouts, estate cleanouts, storage unit cleanouts, warehouse cleanouts, garage cleanouts, and home cleanouts are just some of the services we provide. In addition to recycling, we will also donate everything we can, so there is no need to worry about it going to the landfill. Call us today for a quote and take advantage of our upfront pricing. There are no hidden costs or surprise fees when you schedule property cleanout services with Pro Junk Dispatch.

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