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Bed room to Home Office Conversion Tips

2016-07-15 By Admin

You need some helpful bedroom to home office conversion tips so things go just as smoothly as when you reclaimed and organized your garage. You want the space to be visually appealing but highly functional at the same time. What you should know about converting a bedroom to an office is how this will affect your home's resale potential. A widely known fact in the real estate sales profession is buyers typically strongly object to a room being used for a purpose different from its original intention. So, the first tip is to make it simple and easy to convert back if you will sell in the future.

Bedroom to Home Office Conversion Tips

The good news with this transformation is unlike converting a closet into a laundry room, a bedroom to office conversion won't involve plumbing and electrical work. However, you will need to think practically to get the most productivity out of the space. Basically, you'll be copying the average office concept and applying it to a room in your home. You need it to be accessible, quiet, and serve its purpose with little to no interruption.

If you've finally decided to move your casual at-home office space from the kitchen table to someplace a little more private, a spare bedroom is an excellent choice. It's a finished space with a door you can close against interruptions and -- maybe -- complete one phone call without a cacophony of embarrassing background noises. Annexing a dedicated work space in your home has other advantages, too. A dedicated office space can be a tax write-off, and knowing it's there waiting for you provides a little extra incentive to develop a consistent work routine. --How Stuff

For instance, if you have exercise equipment in the room, relocate it elsewhere. If this isn't possible, find a way to work it into the new design so it isn't an obstacle or distraction. Since it's common to have a television in each bedroom, strongly consider removing the entertainment device. To make the office a functional space, it will need certain elements and features. Without these, it will present challenges and your productivity will suffer. Here are some more helpful bedroom to home office conversion tips to use:

  • Choose appropriately sized furniture. The fact of the matter is, traditional office furniture just isn't built for use in a home office space. It's often too large and difficult to work into a smaller space. However, manufacturers are producing more appropriately sized home office furniture so it offers enough room to work but doesn't take up too much space.
  • Place the computer and peripherals strategically. One thing you'll probably have to experiment with is where to place your desktop or laptop computer and necessary peripherals. It's worthwhile to hardwire as much of this equipment as possible to avoid frustrating wireless home internet interruptions.
  • Use the closet as a filing and storage space. If you need to keep hard copies of documents, products, or shipping materials, the closet will be the perfect location. It's already out-of-the-way, being built-in. Plus, you can put in shelving to make it more functional for your needs.
  • Protect the floor. Regardless if the floor is carpet, tile, hardwood, or composite, you'll need to protect it from the rollers on your office chair. Over time, it will begin to leave an impression or outright damage the floor, so be sure to put down a floor mat protector.
  • Add enough light. Bedrooms are designed to be homey, intimate, and comfortable spaces. This means there's probably not enough light needed for an office. If you can simply open window treatments and let the natural sunlight do its work, that's great. If not, think about adding more light so you aren't dealing with shadows.

Before you begin your bedroom to home office conversion, be sure to phone us at 800-433-1094 or visit Pro Junk Dispatch to schedule a time for us to pick up all the junk you're throwing out. We'll come by and pick it up, along with anything else you no longer want and/or need.

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