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How to Reclaim and Organize Your Garage

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You need the best ways about how to reclaim and organize your garage to gain more space. Perhaps you want more room for your vehicle(s) or just want to create a space for various DIY projects. You've already gutted a bathroom and have remodeled it to make it more stylish and functional, now you're ready to take that initiative to your garage. After all, it's just getting more cramped and all that stuff doesn't really have a purpose, so it's time to do something about it.

How to Reclaim and Organize Your Garage

Maybe you are doing a rental home cleanout and it's just a matter of emptying the space completely or you've had enough of contorting your body to get from your vehicle to inside your home. Regardless of the reason, you need more space and besides, it's time to use your garage for its intended purpose and not just a place where you stack piles of possessions.

They hold our most dangerous possessions (think saws and hazardous chemicals), our most nostalgic (think yearbooks and old baby clothes), and our most neglected (think moving boxes and broken toys) — yet many of us treat our garage or shed as a dumping ground, rather than a useful storage and organization space. In fact, a quarter of Americans can’t even park their car in their garage because it’s too full of junk, even though usable garages increase a home’s value by 13 percent.

Disorganized and cluttered, your garage is a hodgepodge of bicycles, boxes, and a bunch of junk. You don't even know what's what, but it sure is taking up an awful lot of space. You have to fight to dig up what you're looking for occasionally and the situation only gets worse as time goes by. Here are some helpful suggestions for how to reclaim and organize your garage to gain more space:

  • Set aside a dedicated block of time. The last thing you'll want to experience is being crunched for time and rushed through the process. You need a dedicated block of time, about a day, to reclaim and organize your garage. It's also helpful to have at least one set of helping hands to assist you.
  • Pull everything out of the garage. Next, you'll need to pull everything out of the garage, including emptying out any cabinets and clearing off all shelves and benches. Your goal is to have a completely free space and a blank slate to work with later on.
  • Organize all the items. Now it's time to separate all the items into three categories: keep, throw away, and donate or give away. The keep category will actually be most helpful broken into two other subcategories: things which will go back into the garage and items which will be relocated elsewhere.
  • Think about best uses. Since the space is empty, now is an excellent time to think about best uses. In other words, what will go where according to frequency of use. Also, how to position things to keep the space from being crowded so items are easily accessible.
  • Relocate items not being returned to the garage. Once you have a game plan for where all the keep in the garage category, begin to put items back neatly. While it will be tempting to just stack things quickly, this will defeat the entire purpose, undermining all your work. Then, relocate items previous stored in the garage to their new storage place.

When you're finished and need the junk hauled away, just phone 800-737-5923 or visit Pro Junk Dispatch. We'll send out a crew who will pick up all unwanted items and junk garbage. If you are overwhelmed, we'll do all the work for you, for a reasonable price.

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