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How to Remove a Hot Tub

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How to Remove a Hot Tub

If you decide to remove your hot tub, you need to know your options. Here are some ideas for trashing, removing, or reusing it. Disinterest or disrepair may have caused your hot tub to fall into disuse. Perhaps it has become an unwanted fixture in an otherwise exciting new home. Once you decide to remove it, you need to know your options.

Trash It

You can carve it up into small pieces and send it to the landfill through your trash bin if you're into DIY. It only takes a dust mask, heavy gloves, eye protection, and a Sawzall reciprocating saw (although wrenches might also be helpful). Although this option represents the least environmentally friendly method of disposal, it has some advantages. You can do it on your schedule without extra help, and it won't cost much.

Since these units are built to last a lifetime, many of the parts will be useful to another homeowner, a dealer, or a repair shop. With a little extra effort, you can keep a good deal of the workings out of the landfill and make a few bucks selling them. You can haul it in one piece to a local transfer station if you own a truck or trailer and can organize a little help. Homeowners and contractors pay a small fee to unload all kinds of unwieldy items there.

Trade It

Many dealers offer trade-in programs when you buy a new hot tub. There may be value in your old hot tub that can be applied to the purchase of a new one. Look online for promotional materials on manufacturer or dealer websites or talk directly to your dealer about the possibility.

Sell It

It doesn't mean anyone else will want this hot tub just because you don't. Sell-it sites without fees, such as Craigslist, Nextdoor, or Facebook Marketplace, can produce quick results. Giving it away may be a mistake since people often assume that "free" means "needs costly repairs", even if you advertise it as fully operational. I recommend tagging it with a price between $100 and $500.

Junk It

If you search online for removing a hot tub, you will find many vendors who will come to your home, load up the hot tub and take it away, no questions asked! Environmentally conscious haulers recycle or salvage anything of value. Others take it to the landfill and dump it there. You don't sweat either way.

Choose Pro Junk Dispatch

Choose Pro Junk Dispatch

When you need your hot tub gone for good, call Pro Junk Dispatch. Our professionals have the knowledge and expertise to dismantle you hot tub correctly and safely, load it all into our truck, and haul it away for proper disposal. There is no need for you to disassemble your hot tub yourself, rent a dumpster or haul away yourself, and find a place for proper disposal. We will manage all of that for you. Also, we recycle and donate as much as possible so you can have a peace of mind that your unwanted items are being disposed of responsibly and in an eco-friendly way. Anytime you need a hot tub gone so that it is no longer an eyesore in your yard, contact Pro Junk Dispatch. We will come take it off your hands as soon as possible. We can even come the same day!

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