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Self Storage Lien Solutions in Cape Coral

2021-02-22 By Admin

Self Storage Lien Solutions in Cape CoralSelf storage lien solutions are few and far between. This is due to the fact that there’s a legal agreement already in-place. But, this certainly doesn’t mean you’re totally without options. However, you should know because you’ve signed a lease, if you’ve fallen behind in rent, the rental contract heavily favors the storage facility. Read on to learn more about self storage lien solutions.

What to Know about Storage Unit Leases

The first thing you should seriously consider is a storage unit cleanout. This is where you hire a crew to come in and clear it out. This will do two things for you — it will take the work off your hands and will also force you to keep as little as possible.

If a tenant fails to move out later and claims the operator did not have the right to take possession of the property, the court could look at the agreement and would recognize that the abandonment was given in consideration for the operator’s agreement not to proceed with the sale. The fact that the tenant failed to meet the deadline would not remove the operator’s right to take possession. --Inside Self Storage

Whatever your motivation, you know that every month your wallet gets lighter paying the storage unit rent. And now, you’ve had enough. The problem is how to make a clean break and that won’t be an easy feat to accomplish. But there are a few things you can do.

Self Storage Lien Solutions in Cape Coral

If you want out of a lease early or you’re possibly facing a lien, you need to take action right away. So, here are a few self storage lien solutions you can try out:

  • Pay out the contract. The most obvious solution is to pay all that you owe to the self storage company, including past due rent and any fees. While this is an expensive option, you will regain access to the unit so you can empty it and move on, with your possessions.
  • Offer a payment arrangement. Another option is to request a payment arrangement to avoid being hit with a lien. The company might or might not accept your offer but most are willing to negotiate or at least offer some assistance.
  • Learn if small claims court is an option. Another alternative is to look into small claims court. If you suspect that there’s a nefarious reason behind seeking a lien or that your rights have been violated, you might find relief here. But, this might also serve as a temporary stop-gap.

If you need a storage unit cleanout done right away in Cape Coral, go ahead and phone 800-737-5923 or visit Junk Garbage Removal.

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