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2021-11-16 By Owen

Sleeper Sofa Disposal Options in EnglewoodSleeper sofa disposal. Years ago, when it was new, you couldn’t imagine any other piece to complete the set. Now, with Christmas is right around the corner, being just weeks away, you thought you were prepared. You have a replacement but not the space to accommodate the new one and your old sleeper couch. This means sleeper sofa disposal is a top priority.

Most Common Challenges

When it comes to any couch disposal, you’re in for more than you might believe at first. It’s just not that simple. It’s too big for the local trash collection agency, which means that’s not an option. Plus, if you do try to go that route, and the local trash collection team doesn’t take it, now you’re risking a property code violation.

New furniture and new paint is a great way to update and give new life to an old house. However, it may not always be feasible to buy new furniture–especially if you’re looking to replace a sectional sofa. Sending the sectional out to be professionally reupholstered can be quite expensive as well. You can update your existing sectional sofa by reupholstering it yourself and save a lot of money.

The longer it sits out there, the more likely getting hit with a fine is probable. That, not to mention the fact that even if you dodge a code violation, you’ve created a huge eyesore. An eyesore that not only blemishes your property but also your neighbors on all sides.

Sleeper Sofa Disposal Options in Englewood

To avoid these scenarios, you’ve got to offload that old sectional sofa and do so quickly. But how? Well, there are a few suggestions you can think about. Here are some of the best sleeper sofa disposal options you can try:

  • Sell it. If it is in reasonably good condition, there’s nothing wrong with trying to sell it. But, don’t go for a big price or even market value. Price it really cheap, with the caveat the buyer must pick it up.
  • Junk it. Should that old couch be in bad condition and not a candidate for resale, then you’ll have to offload it and do so legally. It’s best to just have a junk hauling service take it away.
  • Donate it. If it’s in good condition, perhaps a local shelter, church, or even school might welcome it as a gift. Plus, you can take a small tax deduction.
  • Recover it and reuse it. Yet another option is to recover it and then continue to use it. This is a good option if you still have use for it but don’t like its look. Make a few calls to see what your options are and estimated costs.

When you need any type of furniture disposal in Englewood, just phone 800-737-5923 or visit Junk Garbage Removal.

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