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Yard Waste Hauling in Bradenton

2021-01-04 By Admin

yard waste hauling in BradentonYard waste hauling is actually serious business. Because we all use so many common lawn and landscaping tools, we become a bit too comfortable. That leads to apathy, which creates unnecessarily dangerous situations. So, it is very important to honestly observe yard waste hauling safety protocols to avoid accidents.

Things to Consider

Before you begin, you should know that not all waste is treated the same. As the nearby quote points out, there are certain items which don’t belong with ordinary, household trash and/or with yard waste. For example, yard waste is grass clippings, weeds, and tree trimmings. But, it isn’t decorative landscape features like hardscaping materials. (Things like stones, pavers, water features, and more.)

People have different strategies for dealing with leaves and trimmings. Some choose simply to pay the expenses by using large bagging mowers and power chippers or hauling clippings away. Others choose to spend more effort than money, by mowing frequently in fall to shred leaves, or managing compost bins. Still others choose to avoid practices known to create yard waste – excess fertilizing that produces excess lawn growth, for example, or landscaping with large or disease-prone trees and shrubs. --EPA

Also, just because you use power tools doesn’t mean that waste can get lumped in with yard waste. For instance, if you change the oil or dump out the fuel of a mower or other lawn equipment, you can’t dump it into the same container as grass clippings. Fuel and oil are hazardous materials and need to be disposed of properly. Treat these with caution so you don’t cause injury to yourself or someone else.

Yard Waste Hauling in Bradenton

Now, as for yard waste hauling, you need to know a few things. It’s understandable after working for hours outside, you want to wrap it up as quickly as possible. But, you’ve got to do it right or you’ll only create additional work. Here are some helpful yard waste disposal tips you can use:

  • Know what yard waste is and isn’t. Most municipal waste collection agencies restrict what is suitable for pick-up. For instance, lawn clippings, branches, and leaves, are generally considered to be yard waste. However, other landscape elements are not yard waste, such as fencing, hardscape features like fountains and rocks, pressure treated wood and so on. Keep these separate for easier disposal.
  • Keep pets and children inside. Pets and children are curious creatures and some tools and materials might prove all too tempting. For this reason and more, it’s a good policy to always keep kids and pets inside. They can watch out a window but only adults should be allowed to work outside.
  • Keep tools organized. Tools serve different purposes and since we handle them regularly, we forget what they can do if mishandled. For instance, a leaf rake left on the ground is a tripping hazard. A chainsaw or lawnmower is even more dangerous. Keep tool well-organized and always be aware of where they are located when doing any yard cleanup or work.

When you need yard waste hauling in Bradenton, please phone 800-737-5923 or visit Junk Garbage Removal.

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