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Wood Floor Removal in Fort Myers

2021-01-20 By Admin

wood floor removal in Fort MyersWood floor removal isn’t always a necessity. The good thing about hardwood is it is actually one of the most durable flooring types. It can last for several decades, even longer, with proper care. And, it’s among the most aesthetic types of floor, often preferred over many others, even tile. What’s more, it doesn’t take much to care for hardwood. Just sweep it weekly and periodically, have it refinished. However, there will come a time when wood floor removal is the only option.

Flooring Materials Disposal

What’s more, hardwood floor disposal is another matter. Because it’s remodeling debris, it takes quite a bit of effort to manage it. Put another way, as you take up a hardwood floor, you’ll create a huge mess. (One that combines both the wood planks, along with the trim, the fasteners, glue adhesive, and more.) So, like any other renovation, it’s best to have a junk hauling service ready-to-go, in advance.

Old-growth wood–typically, Douglas fir, oak and maple–has higher density and fewer defects than new wood, and often comes in lengths of 12 ft. or more, which you won’t find at a big-box store. Salvaging it from an old home takes time but saves money; boards wider than the standard 2 1/4-in. strips are particularly valuable. --Popular Mechanics

Also, think about what you’ll do when the space is bare. After the flooring is out, the subfloors will become fully exposed. Now, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It does give you the chance to make any repairs. But, it also means having to keep it clean and do a deep clean just before installing the new floor covering.

Wood Floor Removal in Fort Myers

If you see certain things, you should know what they are and if they point to outright removal and replacement. Here are the top wood floor removal signs to look out for in your home:

  • Cupping. This happens when the edges begin to curl up but the middle stays flat and in-place. Over time, the edges will curl up more and more, eventually becoming all too obvious.
  • Buckling. If you feel like the floor underneath your feet is loose or shifts, then this might well be due to what's known as buckling. This is when the hardwood separates from the subfloor underneath it.
  • Crowning. Boards which rise in the center but have flat, in-place edges are crowning. Crowning generally occurs from moisture imbalances and does not naturally correct itself. Crowning also worsens and isn’t an easy fix.
  • Board separation. Temperature and moisture fluctuations are two big factors which can easily cause the planks to separate from one another. Noticeable gaps will appear and widen over time. Now, some separation is normal during the winter. But, if the gaps don't disappear in the summer, that's a bad sign.

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