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Why We Love Junk Removal and You Should Too

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Let's face it, we all have junk, call it "stuff" if you'd like, but it's still there, taking up space and collecting dust. Then, something happens and those things no longer blend into their environment, they stick out because you've got to do something with each and every one.  Perhaps you're moving and want to cut down on the load. Maybe, you're tired of seeing that old play-set outside, killing off the grass underneath. It could be a distressed property the last unfortunate residents left filled with stuff or an inherited home with possessions that are really worth anything.

Junk Garbage Disposal is Serious Business

Sooner or later everything loses its usefulness. Some items break and aren't worth the time or money to fix. Other times it's time to move on and replace an old item with a new one. Off to the landfill it all goes, where it takes about 50 to 60 years to degrade completely.

Getting rid of the garbage is a challenge, especially in Florida’s most densely populated county. Pinellas County residents and visitors generate about 1.3 million tons of municipal solid waste – garbage – every year. That’s a lot for a county with only one landfill. -- Tampa Bay Newspapers

What's disturbing about this is that approximately 76 percent of what we throw away could be recycled for new use. Conversely, what we do collect is carefully routed to be recycled, if possible. No matter what it was, it can now be something else. However, there's junk that just can't be thrown in the kitchen trash can.

Reasons Why We Love Junk Removal and You Should Too

For large items, or things which are hazardous, there's an option at your disposal and it's our job. It's called junk removal and we love it and here's why you should too!

  • We're not trapped in a stuffy office, stuck in a cubicle.
    We're always out and about, and that's good news because it means we're on our way to you. Say goodbye to that sorry stuff.
  • We're always facing new challenges.
    No two jobs are the same and so we come-up with different solutions. For you, it's a real-world lesson in on-the-feet thinking and out-of-the-box problem solving.
  • We're helping people in different situations.
    Maybe you're a new homeowner, needing to offload stuff before you move. Perhaps you're a real estate professional and you need a property cleaned-out. Whatever it is, we're helping and that's a great feeling.
  • We're working with great people.
    It's not only great to see the smile on people's faces when we start hauling stuff away, it's the people we work with and their dedication that's worthwhile.

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