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Top Moving Tips You can Use in McKinleyville and Beyond

2019-01-09 By Admin

moving tipsTop moving tips can do more than make it a smoother transition. Some can actually help to pay for part of the journey. It’s difficult to maneuver furniture down tight hallways, contort yourself to get the couch out the front door, and, bad breaking to lift that heavy bed frame. Then, there are all those bulging boxes to pick up twice, move, and unpack. But, there are ways to make moving easier.

Purge to Make Moving Easier

Before we get to the ways to make moving easier, let’s begin with the very act itself. That is to say, if you break it all down, moving means precisely that. So, whatever is on-hand must go from one location to another. Which means if you offload a bunch of stuff, there’s less to move. Which saves time, effort, and money.

Once you know what you need to take with you, start going through the files, making specific piles – to take, to recycle, to shred – and keep each separate.Place the files/folders that are being moved in order (alphabetically, numerically, depending on how they’re arranged) in a file specific box. If you use a box that is too big for the files, you might find the folders will shift during the move and the file contents might get shuffled. --The

In other words, get rid of as much as possible to not only cut down on what you need to move and to put some money back into your bank account. Take the time as you begin to pack and organize to identify what you no longer want and/or need. Do this at least a few weeks in-advance so you have time to sell it.

Top Moving Tips You can Use in McKinleyville and Beyond

As you purge, you’ll need to also not add any more stuff. Be sure to consume freezer foods and dry goods about a couple of weeks ahead of time. Now, here are some handy junk removal moving tips:

  • Get organized. The single best way to save money on a move, especially if you’re hiring a service, is to cut down on what you’re moving from one location to another. Sort everything, organize it all, and don’t hold back. In other words, don’t cling to stuff you don’t use or no longer need.
  • Ask others for help. If you want to save money on your move, going DIY is certainly a smart move. That is, if you have ample help. Ask for help and get a commitment a couple of weeks before moving day.
  • Request three moving quotes. This is where many consumers go wrong–they go for the lowest quote, not realizing all sorts of gotcha fees are in store.

If you need to unload junk for a move, go ahead and phone 800-433-1094 or visit Junk Garbage Removal.

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