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Top Basement Finishing Ideas

2017-06-01 By Admin

basement finishingPreviously, we looked at some helpful basement cleanout tips and now, we're looking at some of the best basement finishing ideas. The basement is a great place to add more livable square footage without going through the trouble and cost of building a home addition. It's perfect because it's generally untapped space that's just waiting to be put to good use. But, you've got to make that particular use or set of uses into something with broad appeal. So, let's take a look at a few basement finishing ideas.

Top Basement Finishing Ideas

The best part about converting a basement into a living space or play space is that it adds a good amount of value to your home. Much like cleaning out an attic to convert it, there are a number of ways to go. But, think carefully about what you make the space into because it could well be an obstacle, if you plan to sell in the future. One downside to a finishing a basement is the costs can easily get out of control.

Do you feel like your home is shrinking? Are the kids growing up and accumulating more stuff? Is your teenager demanding a room of his own? Has the college grad come back to the nest? Are you looking to provide room for an elderly parent or rent out space to help makes ends meet? Regardless of the reason, the space solution may actually be right under your feet. --Bob Vila

Worse yet, if you super-customize it, all that work might be for nothing or even must be undone to get the house in salable condition. The point is to make the basement into a selling feature, not an objection. And, even if you do not plan to sell the house, you could very well change your mind or experience a change in circumstances that requires you to convert the basement space yet again. So, here are some of the best basement finishing ideas to consider for your house:

  • A utility room. Many households use the basement in a completely utilitarian manner and this is great idea. If you go this route, you'll have a dedicated space for laundry, hobbies, and more. Plus, doing this won't come at much of a cost.
  • A game or media room. There's nothing wrong with making this into a fun space, where family and friend can play games or watch movies on a giant screen. This will cost a bit more than just converting it into a utility space but it will provide many years of enjoyment.
  • An apartment. If you really want to get the most out of your basement, you might consider converting it into an apartment. While this will come with a substantial price tag, it will be worthwhile over time.
  • An entertainment space. It doesn't have to be a total media or game room. You can simply convert it into a living space for entertaining guests. With the right furniture, it can double as a guest suite, complete with its own bathroom.

If you are going into a basement finishing project, go ahead and phone 800-433-1094 or visit Pro Junk Dispatch to schedule junk removal or construction and remodeling debris removal. We are here to help you turn your dream into a reality and make new livable square footage.

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