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Things to Do with an Old Sleeper Sofa

2016-08-29 By Admin

The things you can do with an old sleeper sofa are limited but this certainly doesn't mean you won't be able to get it out of your home. Whether you're pairing down, moving and need the extra space or just want to replace it with something more up-to-date, you'll discover used furniture isn't a hot commodity. This isn't to say you'll have to dump it in the dark on a vacant lot (by the way, don't do that -- it's illegal) or have confine it to a basement corner. But it does mean, it will present challenges.

Things to Do with an Old Sleeper Sofa

If you are going to refinish a basement and need to clean it out, you'll discover it's easy to rid your home of some items while others are more difficult. It's just a fact of life, if you put a vintage guitar online for sale, it will attract a lot of attention and garner much interest. Place an antique in an auction and the same will happen. But, advertise an old sleeper sofa and you won't receive the same enthusiasm. When you put yourself on the consumer side of the equation, it's all-too-easy to see why this is such a predicament.

It is no secret that getting rid of a used sofa or sleeper is difficult. Upholstered furniture may not find many takers, especially when it is damaged, torn, or stained. To think that once you paid good money for a piece of furniture that now seems to be of no interest to you or anyone else. Unfortunately, with the exception of leather, upholstered furniture can depreciate greatly with use. It is difficult to get rid of it even when you are not looking to make money.

But alas, all is not lost. There are things you can do with an old sleeper sofa. It just depends on a few factors: its condition, your location, and its materials. In other words, if it is in good condition, you live in a large community, and it's not made of shag carpet, your chances of success are significantly high. None of the following suggestions are sure things but each offers another way to rid your home of the couch. Here are some things to do with an old sleeper sofa:

  • Host a yard sale. Instead of just focusing on the sleeper sofa, use the opportunity to sell a bunch of other items at the same time. This is a great scenario because you're pairing down on possessions, while putting a little money in your pocket. Price it to sell and do not turn down low offers -- you are not trying to make a profit but rid your home of it.
  • Put it in a rummage sale. Learn if there is a rummage sale scheduled to be held in the near future for a local school, church, or community center. A rummage sale might require you haul it to the event but thereafter, you're likely to be free of it.
  • Advertise it to college students. If there is a community college or university nearby, advertise it for sale to the students. Here again, like the yard sale, price it to sell quickly and don't haggle, only agree the buyer will haul it away.
  • Recover it and reuse it in your home. If it's still in usable condition but isn't aesthetically pleasing, consider recovering it to give it a new lease on life. This way, you'll have a new piece of furniture for all-intents-and-purposes and not have to deal with offloading it.

If you are unable to get rid of that old sleeper sofa, go ahead and phone 800-433-1094 or visit Pro Junk Dispatch. We’ll come by and pick it up, haul it away, along with anything else you no longer want or need. If you have more and need furniture removal, we are the go-to solution for this type of service.

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