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Sheet Vinyl Floor Replacement in Benicia

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Sheet vinyl floor replacement is sometimes necessary. Vinyl floors are an inexpensive alternative to other kinds of materials. And, it comes in a wide variety of styles. Vinyl is manufactured to look like wood, tile, mosaic, and more styles. Although vinyl floor covering provides many choices and it’s easy to clean, it doesn’t fare well against sharp objects or even pet claws. Plus, it’s delicate when it comes to fluctuating temperatures and moisture levels. So, read on to learn more about sheet vinyl floor replacement.

Remodeling Material Disposal

Aside from the physical aspect of taking up vinyl flooring, there’s the matter of disposing of it properly. After all, you can’t just roll it out to the curb because the local trash collection agency won’t pick it up. Which means you’ll have to find another way to unload it.

Let’s be clear: It’s no fun to remove vinyl flooring. Peeling up the material itself is no picnic, but the real trial is to get rid of the glue that had been securing the vinyl to the subfloor. The only silver lining here is that while tedious and time-consuming, it’s certainly not complicated to remove vinyl flooring. No special tools or advanced skills are required. It’s really only a matter of elbow grease. --Bob Vila

The best way to do this is to call a local junk removal service to come and pick up and haul away the debris. This way, you can take advantage of the opportunity and offload a bunch of other unwanted stuff at the very same time. The more you unload, the less you have to deal with in the future.

Sheet Vinyl Floor Replacement in Benicia

To begin the sheet vinyl floor replacement process, you’ll first need to empty out the room. Don’t leave anything behind, including any decor and/or furniture. This only presents a risk of damage and that’s something you’ll want to avoid. Here’s how to go about sheet vinyl floor replacement:

  • Test it for asbestos. It’s of utmost importance to first confirm it’s safe to proceed. Which means you need to test of asbestos to ensure that it’s safe to take up on your own or it requires a professional service.
  • Carefully pull up the vinyl sheeting. You can generally start to pull up linoleum from a corner. Try this first, but, if that’s not an option, you can score it with a utility knife, then, carefully wedge a putty knife under it to be able to grasp it and pull it up.
  • Take all the adhesive off the subfloor. Use a strong adhesive remover to absorb and/or dissolve the adhesive on the subfloor. Be sure to use a product that’s safe for your type of subfloor and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully for the best results.
  • lean and disinfect the entire subfloor. Finish up by cleaning the subfloor and disinfecting it with bleach. Then, allow it to fully dry out and you can install a new floor covering thereafter.

When it’s time for remodeling debris removal in Benicia, just phone 800-737-5923 or visit Pro Junk Dispatch.

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