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San Pablo Yard Waste Hauling Tips

2018-03-14 By Admin

yard waste haulingYard waste hauling. Three words combined to form the most boring and uninviting sentence in the history of lawn maintenance. But, you've got to do it. With the seasonal changes, you need to take good care of your lawn. And, now is a great time to get started. Landscaping is a constant chore, you must keep on top of it to keep it looking its best.

Not All Waste is the Same

Before you begin, you should know that not all waste is treated the same. As the nearby quote points out, there are certain items which don't belong with ordinary, household trash and/or with yard waste. For example, yard waste are grass clippings, weeds, and tree trimmings. But, it isn't decorative landscape features like hardscaping materials. (Things like stones, pavers, water features, and more.)

Households and small businesses can no longer dispose of universal toxic wastes into the trash. Items include household batteries, compact fluorescent tubes, fluorescent bulbs and other mercury-containing lamps, mercury thermostats and the following electronic devices, TVs, computer monitors, CPUs and peripherals, radios and CD players, VCRs and DVD players, cell phones, cordless phones, telephone answering machines and microwaves. --City of San Pablo, California

Also, just because you use power tools doesn't mean that waste can get lumped in with yard waste. For instance, if you change the oil or dump out the fuel of a mower or other lawn equipment, you can't dump it into the same container as grass clippings. Fuel and oil are hazardous materials and need to be disposed of properly. Treat these with caution so you don't cause injury to yourself or someone else.

San Pablo Yard Waste Hauling Tips

Now, as for yard waste hauling, you need to know a few things. It's understandable after working for hours outside, you want to wrap it up as quickly as possible. But, you've got to do it right or you'll only create additional work. Here are some helpful yard waste hauling tips you can use:

  • Separate the waste. Place grass clippings and leaves together, but keep tree branches separate. This limits the wait and makes moving it easier. Not to mention the fact that if you stuff hardscaping materials inside, it's going to be quite difficult to manage. And, it might even cause you a fine.
  • Stop bad water retention. If you dump your grass trimmings and leaves into a large container, that's normal. But, if you're not going to empty it right away, you should consider drilling a few small holes in the bottom. This will allow it to drain so it's not too heavy.
  • Bundle branches together. Cut branches down to about three to four feet in length and bind them with twine to make the easy to carry. Also, be sure to reuse the soil for other spots, instead of placing it with grass trimmings.

When you need yard waste hauling, just phone us at 800-433-1094 or visit Pro Junk Dispatch.

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