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Popular Arcadia Detached Garage Uses for Your Inspiration

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Credit: Anton Stetner / Creative Commons[/caption]Detached garage uses come in many forms. You can turn the space into a number of things. (That is, other than just to park cars and store some items.) In fact, there is a variety of detached garage uses you might not even consider. Since it’s a sizable space, it’s important to have an idea of what you can do with it. So, let’s take a quick look into the most popular detached garage uses to give you some inspiration.

Detached Garage Cleanout Tips

Before you begin the transformation process, you’ve got to get things in order. That means it starts with a total garage cleanout. The purpose is to completely empty the space. This way, you’ll have a blank slate, which means a clearer picture of what it can eventually become.

More and more homeowners are beginning to discover the advantages of a separate garage when they are building a new house or when it’s time to rebuild an old garage. One option fueling this trend is the conversion of an attached garage into living space, then building a separate, detached garage for vehicle and tool storage (and everything else garages are great for). --The Spruce

When you begin your garage cleanout, resolve to taking out everything inside. (Be sure to check the weekend weather forecast ahead of time.) Then, divide things into two categories: stuff to keep and junk to junk. You can even schedule junk hauling in advance to cut down on the work.

Popular Arcadia Detached Garage Uses for Your Inspiration

The key is to re-imagine the space in a completely different perspective. Seeing it as a finished product won’t be easy. But, it will give you some great encouragement. Here are the top four detached garage use ideas you can use:

  • Organized storage space. If your attic and basement (or just one) are overflowing with stuff you’ve stuffed in those spaces, you’re not alone. We all accumulate a lot of things that reside in darkness, collecting dust. For those who really need the space, a detached garage is a great location to organize possessions — from seasonal items, to sporting goods.
  • Lawn and garden shed. You can make it into a lawn and garden shed, along with a place to park one or more vehicles. The beauty of this option is it makes the space multifunctional and very helpful.
  • Mechanic’s garage. If you’re a car enthusiast, why not dedicate the space to something that it’s already built for in the first place? Enjoy a dedicated space to tinker with this and that, restoring vehicles or making engine and systems repairs when necessary.
  • Workshop or hobby room. Ideal for the family handyman or the hobby enthusiast, a detached garage is just perfect to make into a workshop or a hobby room. With a few improvements, like insulation and utilities for electricity and climate control, it’s a place to work on various projects or indulge a hobby.

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