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Pleasanton Washer-Dryer Set Removal and Disposal

2018-05-09 By Admin

washer-dryer set removalA washer-dryer set are necessary appliances to have in a home, particularly homes with large families. These household appliances are staples of garages and utility rooms and typically have a long life span. The average age of these clothes cleaning machines range between 15 to 20 years, even up to 25 years.

Eventually, these helpful household appliances wear out to the point that replacing parts is no longer a viable option. It's at this point in time, they must be removed and hauled away.

Pleasanton Washer-Dryer Set Removal

Before you begin to uninstall either appliance, turn off the breakers supplying power to the washer and dryer on the electrical panel. A clothes dryer is relatively simple to uninstall from a room. All you need to do is wiggle the machine out from its space far enough to reach the power cord. Once the power cord is unplugged from the electrical socket, you can then wiggle it out far enough to position did to disconnect the vent. It's a good idea to unplug the power cord from the machine to avoid a tripping hazard.

When it's time to update your washer and dryer, don't just discard the old ones. Depending on where you live and what condition your appliances are in, you might have a variety of ways to make sure your machines go to a good cause, or at least don't do the environment any damage. You might even be able to get a rebate on your new appliances. --San Francisco Chronicle

The washing machine will take a little more work to uninstall. First, turn off the water supply to the appliance and then wrap the end of the hose that's connected to the water supply in a towel. This will absorb the trickle of water which will stream out when you disconnect the hose from the water source. Next, disconnect the hose from the water supply then, wiggle the machine away from the wall and unplug the appliance. Now, disconnect the drain hose and it will be ready to haul away.

Washer-Dryer Set Disposal Options

Now that the appliances are disconnected, it's time to move them out of your home. Depending on what you have readily available and what you're replacing the machines with, you can opt to wheel them out on a hand truck to haul away, or, have them picked up and hauled away by the new appliance delivery personnel.

Should they still be in usable condition, you can place an ad on the internet and sell them. You can also take them to a local church or charity, such as a pet shelter to donate for use. However, if none of the above are an option, you can phone 800-433-1094 or visit Pro Junk Dispatch.

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