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Old Lawn Equipment Disposal Options

2017-08-31 By Admin

old lawn equipment disposalOld lawn equipment might have little to no use to you. But, that doesn't mean it's not worth anything. In fact, there's probably more you can do with old lawn equipment than you think. The problem many people face when it comes to a worn out mower, a bad line trimmer, or a failing edger is what do with them. Furthermore, what makes it worse is most local trash collection agencies won't pick them up from the curb. This is due to regulations about hazardous materials. So, what can you do with old lawn equipment?

Old Lawn Equipment Disposal Options

However frustrating it might first seem, you can get rid of old landscape tools and machines. Unfortunately, it's a lot like dealing with old fitness equipment -- there's little to no demand. But, this doesn't mean your outright out-of-luck. You just have to think creatively. One option is to repair and restore it. Just change out the fuel and air filter. Change the oil, be sure to sharpen the blade and you can continue to use that old lawnmower.

Riding tractors and walk-behind mowers cut the time it takes to mow the lawn, but no matter what type you use, eventually it needs replaced. Deciding what to do with the old one depends on the condition it’s in and how enterprising you are. Some mowers can be sold for a little money, but you may prefer to donate it or recycle it.

But, if it's beyond repair or just too costly, it's probably best to purchase another machine. However, you'll still have to deal with the old equipment. After all, you don't want them taking up valuable storage space. And, it's not like it's going to be of any real use in the future to you. So, here are a few helpful tips for old lawn equipment disposal options:

  • Give it away. You can always place it on the curb with a "Free" sign attached. Or, if it's salvageable and can be repaired, give it away to a handy neighbor or friend. Perhaps there's a coworker who could use it.
  • Donate it locally. If the equipment is still in working order, there are some charitable and other organizations who would welcome a donation. A nearby church, private school, shelter, or other entity might take it off your hands for their benefit.
  • Sell various parts. Another option is to take it apart and sell the parts individually. Or, you can take it to a garden and lawn machine shop. Ask the owner or manager if they'd pay a little for it or just accept it to get rid of it.
  • Sell it as a bundle. Also, you could sell it cheap as a bundled deal to a local landscaping or lawn care business. It's common for small businesses like these to buy lawn equipment they can repair and reuse since it's cost-effective.

If you need old lawn equipment disposal, just phone 800-433-1094 or visit Pro Junk Dispatch.

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