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Oasis DIY Closet-Laundry Conversion

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Closet-laundry room conversion is a monumental job because it’s one that does require a whole lot of specialized skills. You’ll need the chops of a carpenter, a plumber, and an electrician. Not to mention the craftiness of a professional organizer. This is due to the fact that it’s a complex job. Although it is a simple idea, the execution is quite difficult. All of this, not to mention the fact that you’re giving up a dedicated storage space. However, a closet-laundry room conversion can easily be worthwhile.

Closet-Laundry Room Conversion Considerations

Now, before we get into the actual closet-laundry room conversion, you’ll have to think carefully about the impact. Not only are you giving up needed storage space, you’re doing so in a very difficult way to reverse it. In other words, if you were to convert it into a cubby for a desk and workstation, that’s one thing. But the fact it’s being outfitted for a drastic change is another.

In real life, just having a convenient spot to do laundry is foremost and the extras are gravy. If you must use a laundromat, community laundry room or even a basement or garage laundry space, there may be a space in your home that can be converted into a workable laundry area. An in-home laundry space is especially convenient for young parents and as we age. --The

It means if you will sell sometime in the future, you’ll have a potential obstacle to overcome. The fact of the matter is, people just don’t like converted spaces. Instead, they prefer rooms to serve their original purposes.

Oasis DIY Closet-Laundry Conversion

Okay, if you’re still sold on the idea of a closet-laundry room conversion, you’ll need to tackle it in four phases. Here’s a short closet-laundry room conversion guide you can follow to make the transformation happen:

  • Measure the inside space. To ensure you have the necessary space inside the closet, take some time to measure it. (Do this at least twice and write down the dimensions.) Note the width, height, and length. Then, measure the appliances, plus the space between the washer and dryer, as well as the distance between the appliances and the wall.
  • Install flooring protection and plumbing. You’ll need to protect the floor from accidents and to install plumbing. This is work best left to professionals and might even require a permit to do the work.
  • Fit the space with power outlets. You’ll also need the right size power outlets for both the washer and dryer. Here again, you should rely on a licensed professional.

After finishing the closet laundry room conversion, you can easily dispose of the mess. Just phone 800-737-5923 or visit Pro Junk Dispatch.

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