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Oakley Bathroom Gutting Tips

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Bathroom gutting is no easy task. In fact, for such a small space, it takes a whole lot of time and effort to get it done. Plus, it causes a huge disruption in your day to day routine. All of this, not to mention the fact that it's probably going to cause a few problems to crop up during the process.

Dealing with Remodeling Debris Disposal

Now, the thing you'll most be surprised by is all the debris which comes from such a little space. Make no mistake about it, a bathroom remodel will cause a whole lot of waste. And, you'll need to effectively deal with it. The biggest problem is the fact it's comprised of different materials, some might actually be recyclable.

“Gutting” a room is the process of tearing out all finished materials — walls, flooring and ceiling — with the intent of completely rebuilding the room. Gutting a bathroom requires some skill beyond demolishing the walls and floors. Electrical wiring and plumbing supply and drain vents lurk inside the bathroom walls, and large fixtures such as bathtubs, shower stalls and sink vanities must be removed with care. Some municipalities require homeowners to obtain a building permit before gutting the bathroom. Before you begin, contact your local building codes department to determine the current regulations for renovating your bathroom. --San Francisco Gate

In other words, it's a really big mess and it's best to have a plan in-place so you don't have to take time away from the project just to get rid of all that junk. The best way to deal with it is to have a remodeling debris removal service come right on site and deal with it.

Oakley Bathroom Gutting Tips

When it comes time to redo a bathroom, you'll have many choices. But the finished product isn't your first concern. You need to take preparatory steps to make it successful. In other words, plan for the inevitable because it will greatly reduce the stress and anxiety that's so common with such a project. Here's the best bathroom gutting tips you can use to make it a little easier along the way:

  • Clear everything out. Now, this sounds all too obvious but it's tempting to skip steps. Don't do it. Take down all the decor, empty the cabinets, and clear the space out completely. Otherwise, you'll create more unnecessary work for yourself.
  • Keep kids and pets away. Kids and pets are quite curious when it comes to such activity. But, they don't belong anywhere near a construction zone, even if it's in their own house.
  • Protect the immediate area. You'll need to separate the bathroom from the hallway or other space because dust, dirt, and debris travels far and wide. And, it can easily damage things around the space.

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