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Montalvin Manor Interior Wall Removal and Remodeling Debris Disposal

2018-03-26 By Admin

interior wall removalInterior wall removal isn't exactly the most difficult home improvement project. So, it doesn't require a whole lot of specialized skill. But, it's definitely not for those who aren't handy with some common tools. The only caveat is that most interior walls contain electrical wiring. If this is the case, you'll need an electrician to help out for part of the process. Other than that, it's something just about any homeowner can easily do. (That is, unless it's a load bearing wall, which cannot be removed without some type of replacement.)

Interior Wall Demolition Remodeling Debris Disposal

So, the very first thing you need to do (if you aren't sure), is to ensure this is not a load bearing wall. If it is, you can only replace it. In this case, you'll need a contractor, engineer, or architect to move forward. Regardless of its function, you'll also need a way to deal with all the remodeling debris. Even something as simple as an interior wall demolition will require remodeling debris disposal -- there's just no way around it.

The more tools you have on hand, the better. You may not use all of them, but by having a lot of tools nearby, you reduce the temptation to “make do” with the wrong tool. For example, you might be tempted to stand on an overturned bucket instead of standing on a step stool or ladder.

This is actually one of the places so many DIY jobs go wrong. Sure, people plan for the materials, the dimensions, the look and style, but simply don't give much thought to clean up. That's why it's smart to schedule remodeling debris clean up and hauling ahead of time.

Montalvin Manor Interior Wall Removal

When you're ready to take down that wall, you'll need some plastic, tarps or drop cloths, eye protection, a dust mask, leather gloves, pry bar, claw hammer, sledgehammer, and power drill-driver. After you have your tools ready, do the following:

  • Clear and cover the area. Empty the room on either side of the wall. Then, cover the area with tarps or drop cloths to minimize the mess. Additionally, try to keep the area free of children and pets, especially when you're actually taking down the wall.
  • Remove the trim. Next, pull the trim off the wall and place it out of the way. You can do this with a pry bar or claw hammer. When you do, take the time to remove the nails and place them in a container as an extra safety precaution.
  • Tear the wall down. If there's electrical wiring present, you need to first turn off the breaker. If you are unsure, call a licensed electrician to be sure there is no active wiring inside. Once safe, you can then break through the wall to remove the drywall, sheetrock, or paneling, and expose the studs.
  • Knock down the studs. To finish, you'll knock the studs out of place with a sledgehammer. Remember, you cannot do this if it is a load bearing wall.

When you need remodeling debris disposal, phone 800-433-1094 or visit Pro Junk Dispatch.

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