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Merced Soffit Removal and Disposal Guide

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[caption id="attachment_47445" align="alignleft" width="300"] Credit: Wikimedia Commons[/caption]Soffit removal. Oh boy. This is a really big job and one which takes quite a bit of care and effort. After all, you probably don’t know what’s enclosed in the soffit and that alone can spell trouble. So, don’t bite off more than you can chew. Should it be completely empty, you can remove the entire thing and remodel to make it blend in with the rest of the wall and ceiling.

Kitchen Soffit Disposal

Before you bring in your tools and start ripping things down, you should first plan for the enormous amount of debris you’ll generate. Too often, homeowners and others alike just don’t amply plan for the aftermath. They focus on the finished product. And, it isn’t until they can’t avoid it they must deal with all the material debris.

Making the decision to remove the soffits means that you have committed to a big project. Just how big depends on what is lurking behind the soffits. The only way to tell is to cut a hole in the drywall big enough to shine a flashlight and get a good look around. If you’re really lucky, it will just be empty space. But chances are pretty good that you’ll see wiring, air ducts and/ or plumbing pipes. If you are still intent on removing those soffits, all that “stuff” has to be re-routed and you have officially committed to a major remodeling project. --Kitchen Craftsman

Make no mistake about it, a kitchen soffit removal will generate a whole bunch of junk. What’s more, the replacement process will only add to it. So, be sure to schedule remodeling debris cleanup before you start your project.

Merced Soffit Removal and Disposal Guide

You will need several tools and a few supplies to tear down the soffit. Gather together a few sheets of plastic or tarps, flashlight, eye protection, a dust mask, gloves, a utility knife, pry bar, power drill-driver, hammer, and a ladder.

  • Determine the function. This is definitely worth repeating and more than once. The purpose of a soffit is to hide something. Which means, you should attempt to learn what it is, because that’s very important. In other words, it just might be a total waste of time to start removing it only to discover that it’s in-place for a good reason.
  • Cover the counter and floor. The very first thing you need to do is protect the kitchen counter and floor. Cover them with drop cloths. And, be sure to remove anything that’s hanging or stored underneath the soffit.
  • Begin to tear down the soffit. Once you know what’s inside, it’s time to tear down the soffit. Use a reciprocating saw to remove the drywall or other material to fully expose the entire frame. Throw the debris into one pile to mitigate tripping hazards and have more room to work.
  • Reroute any mechanical systems. Once all the mechanical components are exposed, you’ll have to reroute these to keep them functional while still out-of-sight. The best advice is to call-in a professional to reroute these for safe and proper concealment.

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