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Livermore DIY Playset Disposal

2020-06-09 By Admin

DIY playset disposalDIY playset disposal — a reality which eventually comes around. Getting rid of a kids’ playset is no easy task. There are several reasons why this is so. First and foremost, as you would probably guess, is wear and tear. A lot of use means parts break or go missing. Years of weather exposure is another reason it’s not easy to offload a kids’ playset. Rust, rot and more plague the amenity, making it unappealing. But this certainly doesn’t mean there are no options for getting rid of it. Read on to learn more about DIY playset disposal.

Playset Dismantling

First, you should take it apart. After all, it’s simply too large to move as-is. Start by removing all the extra parts. Then, take down the slide, take off the swings, and more. Basically, the next phase is to undo what’s been done. In other words, dismantle it in reverse order of its assembly. (If you’re unsure, find an assembly guide online to follow.)

For many families, a backyard playset or swing set means hours of family entertainment. When moving, these families are often reluctant to leave their kids’ favorite outdoor play equipment behind. Moving a backyard playset is not nearly as challenging as people think it is. A few basic tools, a wide open Saturday, a truck and some helping hands are the only prerequisites.

Now, this process will take nearly as long as it did to put the thing together. So, set aside a weekend and be sure to check the weather forecast ahead of time. Also, have a couple of people help you out. This isn’t a one-man job, in the least. You should also know ahead of time where to dispose of the various materials. And, to make it less strenuous, take time to clear a path from the backyard to the street.

Livermore DIY Playset Disposal

Some parents elect to simply refresh and update their kids' playsets. This makes sense if you still have toddlers and elementary children who play on it regularly. But, if your kids no longer use it and it just takes up space, it's time to go. Unfortunately, it will be somewhat of a challenge. Here are some helpful DIY playset disposal options you can try:

  • Sell it. One option is to simply sell it online through local ads. This is a particularly good way to get rid of it, if it's in good, usable condition. Plus, you can put some cash in your pocket. And, the buyer must disassemble and reassemble it.
  • Donate it. If you can't sell it or just don't want to go that route, there's always the possibility of donating it to a local church, school, or other organization. Plus,
    you can take a tax deduction for making a donation.
  • Give it away. You might have a family member, friend, or coworker with small children who would welcome the playset as a gift. Ask around and see if you can give it away as a gift.
  • Junk it outright. Sometimes, playsets aren't salvageable. So, instead of dealing it with yourself, have a junk removal service take it down and haul it away. Plus, you can also get rid of other junk at the same time.

If you need help with playset disposal in Livermore or elsewhere, just phone 925-659-1145 or visit Junk Garbage Removal.

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