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Kitchen Peninsula Disposal in Tampa

2021-02-02 By Admin

Kitchen Peninsula Disposal in TampaKitchen peninsula disposal is a bit tricky. While it doesn’t necessarily require specific trade skills, it is very helpful to be handy around the house. At least a medium-level skill-set is needed to do it right. So, if you’re a total novice, this probably isn’t for you. The real challenge comes from peninsulas equipped with electrical power and/or water. So, read on to learn more about kitchen peninsula disposal and what you need to know.

Remodeling Debris Materials Disposal

Kitchen peninsula removal isn’t all that difficult, so much as it is time-consuming. The real problem lies in what you’ll do with the materials. If you’re beginning a kitchen remodel, you’ve got to think far beyond style and upgrades. After all, any type of renovation generates a whole lot of waste. And, you’ll need remodeling debris removal and hauling for that part of the process.

A kitchen [peninsula] stands away from the normal counter space. It provides an extra work surface as well as storage. If you need to move the [peninsula] during a kitchen remodel, you may run into some issues. If yours contains a cooktop or sink, you may need to bring in a professional to move the gas, electrical or plumbing lines. --Do It Yourself

In other words, think about the entire remodel as a series of phases. There’s the planning phase, the demolition phase, the debris removal, the build out, plumbing and electrical, appliance installation, trim, and more. If you plan to reuse the island, you’ll need to set it aside (if you’re relocating it). But, if you are taking it out completely, you can simply call a junk hauling service.

Kitchen Peninsula Disposal in Tampa

Empty it out to start. Then, gather together a couple of drill-drivers, pry bars, wrenches, and hammers. Then, enlist the help of a friend or family member. Once you’re ready to begin, follow these steps to remove the built-in from where it stands:

  • Remove molding and trim. Use a pry bar and claw hammer to remove any trim or molding on the kitchen peninsula.
  • Disconnect the plumbing and wiring. Next, you’ll need to disconnect the electrical wiring and plumbing. First, turn off the power by shutting off the breaker and the water supply. If necessary, call in professionals for this step.
  • Remove the countertop. Once the electrical wiring and plumbing is disconnected, you can take off the countertop. You’ll need someone to help you unfasten it and lift it off the base.
  • Disassemble the peninsula base. To finish, you’ll have to disassemble the base itself. Again, you’ll have to figure out how it’s put together and then take it apart to remove it from the kitchen.

When you need remodeling debris disposal in Tampa, just phone 800-737-5923 or visit Junk Garbage Removal.

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