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How to Plan an Office Clean Out

2016-08-18 By Admin

How to plan an office clean out is all about organization. Delegating certain responsibilities and tasks to individuals and groups will greatly help to make it a smooth transition. When it's time to relocate your personal residence, there are a number of helpful tips to make moving easier but the same can't be said for an office clean out and relocation. What will surely strike you is the sheer amount of stuff there is to deal with during the process. But that's okay because if you plan it out in advance, you'll have plenty of time to do the clean out incrementally.

How to Plan an Office Clean Out

Perhaps it's a small space and you're going to cut operating costs by converting a bedroom into a home office. It might be the case you're company is growing and needs more space or that it's time to downsize to something smaller and more sensible. Regardless of why, the logistics will likely be overwhelming. What's more, the fact you are making the move means having to juggle day-to-day operations with a lot of chaos.

You'll need to make sure that everyone you do business with, both suppliers and clients, know that you're moving. It's a good idea to assign this task to one person to oversee. Notifying customers and clients requires specific communications around where you're moving to and how business will operate during the move. Such information is essential to ensure your customers don't go elsewhere for your services.

This means keeping things in order and your customers happy without much of a disruption. Make no mistake about it, this will present a serious challenge but if you assign someone to the task, you'll be able to manage the office clean out successfully. What makes an office clean out so difficult is there is so much stuff to deal with and it's the volume which makes it seem impossible. But with a few helpful tips on how to plan an office clean out, it won't be as big an ordeal:

  • Set a date. If you do not have a dedicated date set, do so now to have a workable timeline to use. It's best to have at least a few weeks or even two or more months so you aren't rushed. But if time is an issue, the sooner you decide when, the better. This way, you can break the transition down into an actionable timeline.
  • Assign individual and group tasks. You'll need to assign individuals to oversee and manage group tasks. Because there will be an inherent chaos, it's best to have a few individuals take charge of groups to get things done efficiently. Try to work to finish ahead of schedule for the best results.
  • Take the opportunity to declutter. Now is definitely the time to declutter and rid your organization of all the stuff you don't need and/or don't often use. By cutting down on the amount of items, you'll necessarily shorten the transition and moving time.
  • Notify building maintenance. If you haven't already told building maintenance or the property management service about your office clean out, do so well before the day. You'll probably have to submit some paperwork or at least follow a few rules.
  • Keep customers up-to-date. The disruption of an office clean out can turn into a nightmare if your customers are not aware of what's going on. Keep customers in the loop and up-to-date to keep the stress levels to a minimum.

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