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How to Dismantle an Old Metal Shed

2016-02-04 By Admin

You're tired of the eyesore that is the old metal shed taking-up valuable space in your backyard. It's functional purpose is nearly gone and it can't be saved to repurpose into a playhouse or just refurbished to look new again. The contents are largely junk and there's no need to keep it around any longer. But that notion doesn't make the problem go away, you've still got to dismantle that old metal shed. Like a last-minute storage unit cleanout, you want it done and over quickly.

How to Dismantle an Old Metal Shed

Before you break out the tools, it's best to know precisely what's in-store for you. Sheds serve a great purpose as storage spaces, but, aren't regularly opened and inspected. If you've been neglecting it for some time, there's a likely probability it has one or more surprises to spring. Insects and pests like to take-up residence inside, under, and around old metal sheds. These provide shelter for mice, rats, snakes, and other creepy-crawlies.

Metal storage sheds are typically made of aluminum. In the past, these sheds were made of steel and/or tin. Aluminum has since largely replaced the other two metal materials because it does not easily rust and has a long lifespan. Metal sheds are generally set on a block or concrete foundation and have plywood floors. The aluminum panels that make up the walls and roof are fastened to the frame with stainless steel screws.

Take a few minutes to walk around it and use a rake or yard stick to poke around the outside. Carefully open the door (especially if you've not been inside the old metal shed for months) and shine a flashlight about. Like an abandoned foreclosure home, you just never know what you'll find. If you don't see anything crawling around or spot any droppings, then begin to peek into the corners and other easily accessible spots. It's a good idea to leave the doors wide open for a little while to allow anything that's hiding to escape. Now, you're ready to dismantle the old metal shed by doing the following:

  • Empty the shed. After you're sure there's no animal or insect problem dwelling in the metal shed, you'll begin to empty it. Do this with caution because old bags are prone to tear open and shelves might be hanging precariously to the walls. Sort the items into things to keep and create another pile of stuff to discard.
  • Remove any doors and/or windows. Once empty, you can unfasten the doors and/or windows. Do this carefully to avoid injury from breaking glass and cuts from rusted parts. Wear durable leather gloves, eye protection, and a dust mask.
  • Take the roof off the top of the shed. With the doors and windows removed, you can now take the roof off the top of the shed. You might need a drill-driver, pry bar, and/or reciprocating saw to successfully remove the roof.
  • Tear down the walls, one by one. After the roof has been removed, it's time to take down the walls. Take down any shelves attached to the walls. Then, unfasten screws holding the walls in-place.

If you don't have the time or it's just too big of a job to handle, you can just call a junk hauling and removal service to dismantle the shed and haul it away. Pickup the phone and call 800-737-5923 or visit Pro Junk Dispatch to save yourself the time and effort.

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