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Home Office Conversion Guide for Solvang Property Owners and Beyond

2019-04-16 By Admin

home office conversionHome office conversion is a lot more than it sounds like. While it seems like it’s a cinch, the home office conversion process is a lot more involved. This is due to the fact that a home office and bedroom have two completely different functions. Which ultimately means you’ll need certain elements for the makeover to actually serve as a useful home office space.

About Home Office Conversions

A widely known fact in the real estate sales profession is buyers typically strongly object to a room being used for a purpose different from its original intention. So, the first tip is to make it simple and easy to convert back if you will sell in the future.

If you’ve finally decided to move your casual at-home office space from the kitchen table to someplace a little more private, a spare bedroom is an excellent choice. It’s a finished space with a door you can close against interruptions and — maybe — complete one phone call without a cacophony of embarrassing background noises. Annexing a dedicated work space in your home has other advantages, too. A dedicated office space can be a tax write-off, and knowing it’s there waiting for you provides a little extra incentive to develop a consistent work routine. --How Stuff

If you totally convert the space, making it difficult to return it to a bedroom, that’s going to present a problem when it’s time to sell. In other words, your bedroom-home office conversion should provide function and style but also be simple to transform back to a bedroom.

Home Office Conversion Guide for Solvang Property Owners and Beyond

When you’re ready to go ahead with a home office conversion, you should know it’s more than just putting a desk in the room. You’ll need to do the following things, as well:

  • Strategically place the computer and peripherals. This sounds like a no-brainer but it’s a bit more complex than just choosing a wall or window. Think seriously about how you’ll use the space and don’t forego going through the motions to best place everything you need.
  • Use the closet as a filing and storage space. If you need to keep hard copies of documents, products, or shipping materials, the closet will be the perfect location.
  • Choose appropriately sized furniture. Speaking of furniture, you also need to select appropriately sized pieces for ample space.
  • Add more light and protect the floor. If there’s one thing an office needs, it’s light. So, take full advantage of any natural light and add more interior lighting. Also, if the floor is carpet, tile, hardwood, or composite, you’ll need to protect it from the rollers on your office chair.

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